World of Tanks: Erfolge Liste (Achievement Guide) zum Title Update 1.2


Alle Xbox Erfolge zum World of Tanks Update 1.2

Insgesamt könnt ihr 8 Erfolge bekommen mit 100 Punkten.


  • Pascucci 10
    Destroy three enemy artillery during a match.
  • Top Gun 20
    Destroy more enemy vehicles than any other player in your team during the battle
  • Kamikaze 10
    Destroy a higher tier tank by ramming.
  • Bombardier 10
    Destroy 2 or more tanks with one Artillery round.
  • MVP 10
    Have the highest XP of your team.
  • Steel Wall 10
    Receive the most hits (at least 11) of any player on your team over 1,000 HP, and survive.
  • Perks of the Job 15
    Train a Commander to 100% on a perk.
  • Skilled Commander 15
    Train a Commander to 100% on a skill.