For Honor Update 2.14 Patch Notes vom 10. Oktober

For Honor Patch 2.14.0

Ubisoft hat heute, den 10. Oktober, ein neues Update für For Honor veröffentlicht. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch Notes 2.14 für euch.

For Honor Update 2.14 steht ab sofort bereit zum Download, für PS4, Xbox One und PC. Das Update beinhaltet überwiegend nur Fehlerbehebungen und Optimierungen.


For Honor Patch Notes 2.14.0




Reflex Guard

· Increased Guard duration to 1100ms (from 600ms)

Light Attacks

· Increased 2nd Chained Top Light Attack speed to 433ms (from 600ms)

· Increased 3rd Chained Top Light Attack speed to 433ms (from 600ms)

· Increased 4th Chained Top Light Attack speed to 433ms (from 600ms)

· Increased 2nd Chained Side Light Attacks speed to 500ms (from 600ms)

· Increased 3rd Chained Side Light Attacks speed to 500ms (from 600ms)

· Increased 4th Chained Side Light Attacks speed to 500ms (from 600ms)

Fuscina Ictus

· Decreased Fuscina Ictus duration to 600ms when the target is Out of Stamina (from 800ms)

· Decreased all Fuscina Ictus Miss Recoveries to 700ms (were 1000ms)

· Decreased and unified all Fuscina Ictus Miss Recovery to recover their guard at 600ms into the Miss (was from 700ms to 1000ms)


· Added forward movement to the Skewer during the strike, and the feint

Developer comments: We want to give Gladiator faster tools to improve Gladiator’s 1v1 abilities. Accelerating the Light Attacks and the Out of Stamina Fuscina Ictus should make those moves more usable, and the improved forward movement on the Skewer should allow for it to work in Feint into Guard Break mix-ups. The Stance Change increase now standardizes this timing to all other Assassins’ timings, and should help in group fight situations.


· Increased Sprint Attack forward movement to 6m (from 3.5m)

· Increased Sprint Speed to 7.25m/s (from 6.5m/s)

Developer comments: As an Assassin we want the Gladiator to be more efficient at rotating and capping points as well as chasing fleeing opponents.


· Bamboozle now wallsplats

Developer comments: This move is highly situational, so we added this property to make it useful for more than just ledging scenarios.


Light Attacks

· Warlord’s Light Attacks are now Enhanced (They do not stop when Normal Blocked)

· Warlord’s Light Attack Openers now have slightly increased range

· Increased Top Light Attack Opener damage to 18 (from 17)

· Increased Side Light Attack Openers damage to 15 (from 13)

· Decreased Top Light Finisher damage to 18 (from 20)

· Kept Top Light Finisher Medium Hit Reaction (to still allow ledging like before)

Heavy Attack Finishers

· Super Armor on Heavy Finishers now starts at 300ms (from 400ms)

Block and Stab

· Adjusted Tracking on Stab from Full Block Stance

Developer comments: Warlord’s improvements to the Light Attacks should help allow Warlord to use these attacks in mid-chain, and help Warlord keep the offensive momentum more often.


· Since our 2.13.0 update, we’ve been reading your feedback in regards to the Team Color swatch assignments and investigated on our side. So with that in mind, we are reverting the changes



· [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed the players to exceed maximum inventory limit

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