World of Tanks: Erfolge Liste (Achievement Guide) zum Title Update 1.4

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Alle Erfolge zum DLC – Title Update 1.4

Es gibt 7 neue Erfolge mit zusammen 100 Punkten/Gamerscore

  • Soviet Connoisseur 10
    Own 5 or more Soviet tanks simultaneously.
  • The 122 and U 20
    Own the KV-1, KV-2, KV-1S, and the T-150 simultaneously.
  • Tanking This Show On The Road 20
    Get 3 or more kills in a match while moving.
  • Got Lucky! 10
    Kill a tank while your tank is immobile.
  • Sniper 10
    Achieve at least 85% hits with 10 or more shots fired and a potential damage of at least 1,000 HP.
  • Don’t scratch the paint 20
    Finish a match with 100% health with a potential damage taken of 1000 or more.
  • Tanks With Benefits 10
    Fully train at least 5 crew perks or skills on one crew member.

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