World War Z Patch Notes 1.15 – Crossplay Update vom 23. März

WWZ Update 1.15 Changelog

Die Entwickler von Saber Interactive haben heute, den 23. März, das Crossplay Update für World War Z veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes dazu.

Das World War Z Update 1.15 steht ab sofort bereit zum Download. Insgesamt müsst ihr auf der Playstation 4 insgesamt 16,5 GB herunterladen und Installieren. Dieses Update beinhaltet unter anderem die neue Crossplay Funktion. Zudem gibt es einige Anpassungen und Fehlerbehebungen.


World War Z Update 1.15 Patch Notes

Leider gibt es bisher nur die Englischen Patch Notes zu diesem Update. Wir aktualisieren diesen Artikel sobald uns die deutschen Übersetzungen vorliegen.


New Features

  • Added Virus Sample functionality in Campaign
    • AI Director will randomly spawn containers with Virus Sample that players can pick up
    • Virus samples can spawn from Bombers that are taken down without them exploding.
    • The containers are fragile and they will begin to apply negative effects to players as they break.
    • If players will manage to finish the mission with containers intact, they will get increased rewards
    • AI Director can spawn several Virus Samples, Bomber will also drop them
  • Added 4 new weapon variants with unique perks
    • Pistol – Increased penetration and damage vs special zombies.
    • Machine Pistol – Full auto variant, reloads primary weapon after a special zombie kill.
    • Classic Battle Rifle – Semi auto variant, no penetration but deals a lot of damage.
    • Battle Rifle – Full auto variant.
    • Thumper Grenade Launcher – Incendiary grenades.
  • War Heroes character skin pack (included for Season Pass owners)

Horde Mode

  • Slightly reduced difficulty in Hard mode
  • Significantly reduced difficulty in Normal mode
    • Less Special Zombies will spawn in Normal mode
    • Increased preparation timer between waves by 20% in Normal mode
    • Supply points rewards will begin to scale down later in Normal mode
    • Added significantly more random pickups in Normal mode
  • Increased Auto Turret maximum ammo
  • Capped by 10 the amount of Auto Turrets that could be placed simultaneously
  • Fixed one of the shops not spawning items
  • Reduced the amount of ammo secondary weapons drain from ammo boxes by 50%
  • Reduced ammo crate cost from 100 to 70
  • Significantly increased both XP and currency rewards


  • Tweaked Extreme difficulty settings to restore pre-patch balance (it was changed to support crossplay)
  • AI Director will spawn less secondary weapon pickups


  • Reworked Bomber drop, he will spawn better Primary and Heavy weapons when killed


  • Fixed several issues with perks stacking


  • Minor UI and localization fixes


  • Fixed several gameplay crashes


  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to clip through geometry in some places

PC Specific Fixes

  • Added crossplay between Xbox in PvE


Quelle: Focus