World War Z Patch Notes 1.12 – Update vom 17. Dezember

World War Z 1.12

Die Entwickler von Saber Interactive haben heute, den 17. Dezember, ein neues Update für World War Z veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes dazu.

Das World War Z Update 1.12 steht ab sofort bereit zum Download. Insgesamt müsst ihr auf der Playstation 4 16GB herunterladen und Installieren. Auf dem PC müssen nur 5.3 GB heruntergeladen werden.


World War Z Update 1.12 Patch Notes


New Features

  • Added a new Game mode: Horde Mode.
  • Added new bomber special Zombie that will spawn in all modes and levels.
  • Added Special Operations Forces Skin Pack.
  • Activating certain mutators ion private lobby will result in reduced currency and XP rewards.



  • Fixed screamer not moving to attack players in some cases.
  • Bots will not attempt to finish off Spitter in melee if he is very far away from him.



  • Fixed issue’s with Hellraiser’s Technican Perk not increasing the maximum number of targets.
  • Fixed issue with Prestige perks reducing max ammo instead of increasing it.



  • Minor UI and localization fixes



  • Fixed serveral gameplay crashes


General fixes

  • Fixed issue with all ammo affecting mutators, that would result in giving players wrong amount of ammo.
  • Fixed issue with Flamethrower continuing to fire even if player swapped to a different weapon.
  • Fixed another issue with prestige levels not savong correctly in some cases.
  • Reduced volume of Sniper Rifle firing sound.
  • Adjusted hit marker sound, now it is more subtle and will be affected by SFX slider in audio settings.