League of Legends: Alle Erfolge (Achievements) im Überblick!

Hier Listen wir euch alle möglichen Erfolge zu League of Legends

Dieser Guide befindet sich im Aufbau – Aktualisiert am 23.07.2014
Es werden alle Achievements aufgeführt, unterteilt in Allgemein, Dominion, Aram usw…

Allgemeine Erfolge

  • o7 Never forget
    Get 100,000 minion kills life time
  • I honor them for their sacrifice
    50,000 minion kills life time
  • Slayer of Champions
    Get 10,000 champion kills life time
  • Crucible of Man
    Get 7,500 champion kills life time
  • Framing Armageddon
    Get 5,000 champion kills life time
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Get 2,500 champion kills life time
  • Having a Riot
    1000 wins life time
  • 500 Wins of League
    500 wins life time
  • A summoner no longer in training
    Reach level 10
  • Almost there!
    Reach level 20
  • It’s time for r-r-r-r-RANKED
    Reach level 30
  • Starting Out
    Own 20 Champions
  • Kernkraft 40
    Own 40 Champions
  • Thunder Kiss ’60
    Own 60 Champions
  • Got 80 Champions and Teemo Ain’t one
    Own 80 Champions
  • Army of Heroes
    Own 100 Champions
  • My other skins were in the laundry
    Own 5 Skins
  • Does this skin make me look fat?
    Own 10 Skins
  • I look FABULOUS!!!
    Own 20 Skins
  • It’s time… To SUIT UP! Kauft einen Legendären skin
  • It seems the student has become the master
    Complete a mastery page
  • Prepare to be Runed
    Complete a rune page
  • I helped set us the bomb
    Get Helpful ribbon
  • Gooooo TEAM!
    Get Teamwork Ribbon
  • Would you like to be my friend?
    Get friendly Ribbon
  • GG WP
    Get honorable opponent ribbon
  • Push it to the limit!
    Reach Bronze Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
  • It’s time for a montage!
    Reach Silver Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
  • Harder, better, Faster, Stronger!
    Reach Gold Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
  • I’ve got the eye of the tiger!
    Reach Platinum Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
    Reach Diamond Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
  • I’m the best! AROUND!
    Reach Challenger Rank (Summoners rift or Twisted Treeline)
    Kill Teemo… 10 times during a game
    Kill Teemo…. 20 times during a game
  • The League of Draven
    Get a penta kill as Draven
  • PENTA……Double Kill
    Get 5 double kills in a game
  • Just a 3 Dressed up as a 12
    Get 4 triples kills in a game
  • 3X4=16
    Get 3 quadra kills in a game
  • Ghost Protocol
    Get 2 penta kills in a game
    Kill an enemy as they are returning to base
  • You Blinked  
    Kill 3 enemies in less than 3 seconds from at least 75% hp
  • Wombo Combo  
    Ace the enemy team in less than 3 seconds from at least 75% hp
    Gain over 15000 Gold in one match
  • Near Death Experience
    Kill an Enemy when you have less than 10% hp
  • Let’s do the Twist
    Play a game of Twisted Treeline (Reward: Vilemaw Icon
  • It’s a mystery to everyone
    Purchase a "mystery" gift for a friend (Reward: Ghost Guy Icon)
  • Ouuu Shiny
    Equip a new ward skin (Reward: Statue Icon)
  • It’s a graveyard smash!
    Buy any of the Harrowing Content (Reward: Ghost Girl Icon)



  •  I’m the king of the castle
    Gewinnt ein Spiel während ihr alle Türme Kontroliert
  • One is all I need
    Gewinnt ein Spiel während ihr 1 Turm Kontroliert
  •  Follow the leader
    Win a game with the most points on your team
  • Could not carry…
    Lose a game with the most points your team
  • This is the usual for me  
    Finish the game with the most points on either team
  • Prepare to be dominated
    Get First blood
  • You mean I’m not supposed to farm?
    Get 150 Minion kills in a game
  • IT’S OVER 2000…
    Get more than 2000 points
  • Just the beginning
    Get 10 kills in 1 game
  • The D-1000
    Get 20 kills in 1 game
  • Paving the way
    Get 10 assists in 1 game
  • Carrying the team on my back
    Get 20 assists in 1 game
  • Setting up the dominators
    Get 30 assists in 1 game
  • Movin on up
    Get a double kill
  • Im on my way from misery to happiness today
    Get a triple kill
  •  The D-800
    Get a quadra kill
    Get a penta kill



  • Gandalf would be proud
    Win a game without losing a Turret
  • No items needed
    Win a game without dying
  • Never fear, my winning team is here
    Win a game after losing all turrets
  • The poros are my only friend.
    Gewinnt ein Spiel als the only one alive
  • 1 is the loneliest number
    Gewinnt ein Spiel als the only one alive on your team
  • Just chillin with the ghost guy.
    Win a game while dead
  • I could solo this lane
    Get 10 kills in 1 game
  • Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to kill I go
    Get 20 kills in 1 game
  • Almost guaranteed
    Get 10 assists in 1 game
  • 2nd to everyone
    Get 20 assists in 1 game
  • Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
    Get 30 assists in 1 game
  • What do you mean ignore the minions?
    Win a game with 150 Minion kills
  • The first of many
    Get Firstblood
  • 2 for the Show
    Get a double kill
  • Strike-out
    Get a triple kill
  • Fly you fools!
    Get a quadra kill
  • All Random, All Skill
    Get a penta kill