Darksiders 3 Patch Notes 1.11 – Update #6 vom 16. Juli

Darksiders 3 patch 4

Gunfire Games hat ein neues Update für Darksiders 3 veröffentlicht, Patch #6 (PS4 1.11) steht zum Download bereit. Unten findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes.

Mit dem neusten Update wird die Erweiterung „Keepers of the Void“ hinzugefügt, zudem gibt es Fehlerbehebungen und mehr. Unten findet ihr alle Details zu diesem Update, für PC, PS4 und Xbox One.


Darksiders 3 Patch Notes 1.11 – Patch #6

The Keepers of the Void is now available!

  • To access the Keepers of the Void you must visit Vulgrim after receiving the Flame Hollow. He will grant you access to the first wing of the dungeon. Other wings are unlocked as unlock more Hollows.

Keepers of the Void Features:

  • New Weapons: Unlock an alternate weapon for each of the Hollows by defeating the 4 bosses found in the Void.
  • Abyssal Armor: Defeat the final boss of the Void to unlock the Abyssal Armor.
  • New Enhancements: a whip focused enhancement and cross blade focused enhancement are hidden somewhere in the void.<
  • Hollow Weapon Switch: Option to allow quick switching between a hollow’s two weapon forms has been added, it is off by default. It can be turned on in the options.


Non-DLC related features:

  • Nightmare mode option: How good are you at the game? Care to put that to the test? Dying once will delete your save. Proceed with caution.
  • Arcane Shards: Arcane shards can now be purchased from Vulgrim.
  • Hollow themed armor: 4 new color variants of Fury’s base armor, each themed after a specific Hollow with a boost to the specific Hollow’s damage output. Available from Vulgrim after receiving related Hollow.
  • Hollow Counter switch: After successfully executing a perfect dodge, activating a Hollow Form will trigger it’s Arcane Counter.


Bug Fixes:

  • Shade: Shade’s Damage reduction was not working correctly, issue has been addressed and the number will appear lower than it previously was, but now works correctly.
  • BFA: Fixed issue with BFA Achievement not unlocking correctly.