Wreckfest Season 2 Update 1.61 – Patch Notes vom 15. September

Wreckfest 1.61

Bugbear hat heute, passend zum Start der Season 2, ein neues Update für Wreckfest veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr alle Details zum Getaway Update am 15. September.

Das Wreckfest Update 1.61 steht ab sofort bereit zum Download, für PS4, Xbox One und PC. Die Größe des Download ist uns im Moment nicht bekannt, es wird aber unterschiedlich sein, je nach Plattform.

Mit dem Start der Season 2 und dem Getaway Update werden neue Inhalte hinzugefügt, unter anderem eine neue Strecke, ein neues Turnier und einiges mehr.


Wreckfest Season 2 Getaway Patch Notes 1.61

Leider wurden die Patch Notes bisher nur in Englisch veröffentlicht. Wir aktualisieren diesen Artikel sobald die Deutschen Details zur Verfügung stehen.

Game version

PS4: 1.61
PC: 1.264871


  • Added support for the DLC pack „Getaway Car Pack“ containing three new cars: Bullet, Razor and Cardinal.
  • Added a new free track: Hillstreet Circuit with both forward and reverse layouts.
    (Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are urban08_1 and urban08_1_rev)


  • New tournament season: Getaway Heat.
  • New free tournament reward car: Rocket RX.
  • New free tournament reward bundles and paint jobs.
  • Score Streak events now last the correct time instead of always three minutes.


  • Fixed an issue in which save data was reset. This issue seemed to affect especially save data dating back to the game launch. Our apologies for anyone affected by this issue.
  • Fixed an issue in which the game failed to launch due to „assists.aids“ being corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue in which the game crashed to „OUT OF MEMORY“ during launch.
  • Title no longer crashes to „Out of Vertex Buffer Memory“ with specific track and vehicle combinations.


  • Dynamic objects such as tires no longer throw the car off-path after hitting the wheel of the car.
  • AI is slightly less aggressive towards the player on Novice and Amateur difficulty.
  • AI now uses Firefly also in the Class A.


  • The server no longer incorrectly loads a tournament track when trying to change the track.
  • BagEdit now supports a ban list with a maximum of 8,192 entries.


  • In general, visual parts such as spoilers no longer detach from a slightest nudge.
  • Improved Big Rig handling and bottom collisions.
  • Added Class B and Class A engine upgrades for Motorhome, and made AI also use them.
  • Improved Sweeper suspension setups and bottom collisions.
  • Increased Sweeper suspension ride height and adjusted bottom collision.
  • Sweeper exhaust geometry no longer glitches out as easily after deforming.
  • Bumpers of Venom and Hunter Panther no longer detach too easily.
  • Improved Hunter Panther scoop hood texturing.
  • Improved Hunter Panther grille upgrades.
  • Fixed Hunter Panther fender flares clipping.
  • The front bumper of El Matador longer floats in the air.
  • The roll cages of Raiden RS no longer cut through the interior window.
  • Improved Hellvester visual damage. Also, the exhaust pipe no longer detaches too easily.
  • Missing side protectors for Speedbird are now available again.
  • Wildking exhaust stacks no longer clip with the sway bars.
  • Improved Rocket DLC rear wing positioning.


  • A number of menu transitions are smoother.
  • In Server Browser, a server can now be added as a favorite. Favorites are always shown on top and sorted according to the selected sorting method.
  • In Server Browser, special characters and spaces are now disregarded when sorting the servers alphabetically.
  • In Car Selection (Garage, Custom Event, Lobby), cars can now be sorted according to their class and performance, type or region as well as alphabetically.
  • In Car Selection, a car can now be marked as a favorite. Favorites are always shown first in the list and sorted according to the selected sorting method.
  • In Custom Event creation, game now remembers the AI Set selected by the player, instead of always reverting to „Same As Player“ set.
  • In Elimination Race, elimination notification is now easier to see.


  • Dragslayer: New engine sounds.
  • Gatecrasher: Fixed engine pitch (tuning) misconfiguration.
  • Killerbee & Boomer (all player models): Raised engine volume in overall mix to counter sound masking in races with 23 AI & dense start grid layout, and esp. on integrated flat-screen loudspeakers.
  • Surround sound: Player engine sounds are now mixed to surround center channel only when using chase camera views.
  • Surround sound: Fixed player car panning issues in bumper camera view.
  • Surround sound: Fixed emitter position tracking of collision sounds belonging to player car object, to not have sounds fall behind/past the car at high speeds.
  • In-Game: Fixed tire surface detection to not play sounds for incorrect material when loss of wheel contact occurs at slower rate (low speed, gentle slopes etc.).
  • In-Game: Added unique tire sounds for wood surface.
  • In-Game: Adjusted vehicle position tracking for less erratic audio panning when rotating chase camera around player vehicle.
  • In-Game: AI cars are mixed louder when in close proximity of camera (distance <15 meters), to improve spatial placement and separation when overtaking or being overtaken by.


Quelle: Bugbear