Rugby League Live 4 – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

In dem Xbox Spiel „Rugby League Live 4“ könnt ihr insgesamt 31 Erfolge (Achievements) freischalten. Um eine dieser Erfolge freizuschalten müsst ihr die jeweilige Bedingung erfüllen.

In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen. Weitere Lösungen und Cheats zu „Rugby League Live 4“ findet in unserer Themenseite zum Spiel.


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Geheime Erfolge 0


100 GamerScore Punkte

  • Unbeatable
    You went through an NRL/Super League season in career without conceding a loss
  • Team Of The Year
    You had six or more players from your team represent team of the year.


90 GamerScore Punkte

  • Represent
    You represented your country in career mode.


80 GamerScore Punkte

  • Around The Grounds
    You played a match at every licensed stadium.


60 GamerScore Punkte

  • Better Than The Rest
    You won a premiership or championship in career mode.
  • Captain Courageous
    You were promoted to team captain.
  • State Of Origin
    You represented your state in career mode.


50 GamerScore Punkte

  • Hat Trick Hero
    You scored 3 tries with a single player in a match.
  • MVP
    You were man of the match 5 times as a career player in a single season.
  • Best Of The Best
    You won the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in career mode.


30 GamerScore Punkte

  • Brick Wall
    You kept your opposition scoreless and won a match on legend difficulty.
  • Nail Biter
    You scored to win a match in the final minute.
  • Chippy
    You scored a try from a chip ’n‘ chase.


20 GamerScore Punkte

  • Denier
    You performed a successful charge down to prevent a field goal in extra time.
  • Catch Me If You Can
    You ran over 80m to score a try without being tackled.
  • Comeback Kids
    You won a match when behind by 18+ points.


15 GamerScore Punkte

  • Sneak Attack
    You scored a try with dummy half after scooting.
  • Golden Child
    You won a game in golden point.
  • Disciplined
    You completed a match without giving away a penalty.
  • Best Form Of Defence
    The ball carrier was driven back into their own in goal.


10 GamerScore Punkte

  • Showboat
    You taunted and then scored a try.
  • In the Corner
    You scored a diving try in the corner and hit the corner post.
  • Drive it home
    You drove the defence back over the try line to score a try.
  • High Flyer
    You scored a try from a contested collect.
  • Niners
    You won a match using Auckland Nines ruleset.
  • Sharing Is Caring
    You uploaded a created player to The Fanhub.
  • Club Debut
    You completed your first career match.


5 GamerScore Punkte

  • Precise 40/20
    You kicked a 40/20.
  • Put Some Touch On It
    You drove the ball carrier over the sideline.
  • Pathfinder
    You scored a try by diving on a loose ball.
  • Controlled
    You completed a tackle while using controlled movement.