Remnant: From The Ashes Patch Notes 1.19 – Hotfix Update

Remnant from Ashes update

Gunfire Games hat heute ein Hotfix Update für Remnant: From the Ashes veröffentlicht. Unten finden Sie die vollständigen Aptch-Hinweise für diesen Hotfix am 26. August.

Das Remnant: From The Ashes Update 1.19 ist jetzt für PC Spieler (Steam & Epic) verfügbar. Das heutige Hotfix Update soll die Leistung verbessern und einige Fehler werden behoben.


Remnant Update 1.19 Details vom 26. August


  • Multiple performance improvements (major hitch should be fixed).
  • Fusion Rifle will only be given on the first attempt.
  • Long gun no longer switches during the phase transition after the first attempt.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain projectiles to deal increased damage.
  • Adjusted timing and size of some attacks in the final phase.


  • A multitude of various minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed issue with Root Rift interaction point being at the floor vs the expected center point.
  • Fixed issue where the player becomes unresponsive after Black Cat Band blocks lethal damage from a quick time event. Black Cat Band will no longer block damage from or stop the player from dying to damage from quick time events.
  • Improvements to achievement flagging.
  • Smoother cutscene experience after Guardian Siege in multiplayer.
  • Modified cinematics to show visuals for a weapon if the player already has it.
  • Cleaned up zones spawned by quests on Survival Mode death.
  • Disabled VOIP in Steam if you’re playing from Epic.


  • Fixed miscalculation of damage on Fan of Knives mod while wearing Labyrinth Armor.
  • Flop is now its own type of damage. Removed Unarmed damage from Flop.
  • Ring of the Unclean now causes unarmed Melee attacks to deal x3 damage and Flops deal x4 damage.


Quelle: Steam