Fallout 4 Patch Notes 1.32 – Update vom 13. Juni

fallout 4 patch 1.32

Bethesda hat heute ein neues Update für Fallout 4 veröffentlicht, Client Patch 1.32 steht zum Download bereit.

Unten findet ihr alle Details zum heutigen Update, ob die Patch Notes komplett sind ist im Moment unklar. Sollte es weitere Details geben werden wir diesen Artikel aktualisieren.


Fallout 4 Update 1.32 Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes
  • Creation Club content added
  • Manwell Rifle Set: A new long rifle, including a carbine variant. Both versions are highly customizable, with lots of great-looking new mods.
  • Neon Flats: This creation includes two stylish new apartments in Goodneighbor, one fully furnished, and another largely empty. Both are in the same building, and can be rearranged and redecorated to your liking.
  • Quake Thunderbolt: The classic lightning gun slips into Fallout 4. It packs a hefty punch, and can be customized with options like chain lightning, or hypercharged so it has a chance to do extra damage to wet enemies, although with the risk of disarming yourself. This weapon is obtained through a short quest.