World War 3 – PTR Update 0.3.5 Patch Notes

World War 3 Steam

Die Entwickler von The Farm 51 haben einen neuen Patch zu World War 3 auf die Testserver gespielt. Wir haben die vollständigen Update 0.3.5 Patch Notes für euch.

World War 3 befindet sich in der „Early Access“ Phase und ist über Steam erhältlich.


World War 3 Patch Notes 0.3.5


  • Some players sometimes invisible on Warzone (we know why this happens, we don’t want people to abuse it too much, it’ll get fixed soon),
  • Some customization issues (locked/unlocked everything),
  • Vehicles are still flying away (this is next on the list),
  • Some players can’t be driven over,
  • We’re still narrowing down the infinite loading bug, workaround for this can be found on the forums here [EN] and here [PL],


  • Added a server browser,


  • Berlin optimization pass 2.0,
  • Continued work on other maps,
  • Further loading optimizations,


  • Multitude of crashes are now fixed,
  • Fixed weapons spawning with wrong amount of ammo,
  • Fixed shoot direction desync (resulted in bad hitreg),
  • Hitscan projectiles rework (affects shotguns and distances closer than ~7m),
  • Huge amount of collision fixes, levitating meshes, trampoline bug spot, added vaults, etc.,
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to see quad leader icon on the map while they’re in a remote controlled vehicle,
  • Fixed an issue with quad leader icon changing to vehicle while piloting remote controlled vehicle,


  • Character sounds are now attached to head, not feet,
  • New gameplay area on Warsaw TDM map (pharmacy shop with back entrance),
  • Added stage attachment toggle back: all off, only laser, only flashlight, both,
  • Restored player profiles downloaded by dedicated server from MS (this was switched to clienside to lower MS load, not necessary now),
  • Matches will now end when everybody leaves, so people don’t get connected to half-done matches,
  • Added profile validation before saving profiles,


  • Removed holiday flair from main menu,