Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor Martyr – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden

In dem PS4 RPG Action Abenteuer Spiel „Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr“ könnt ihr insgesamt 43 Trophäen freispielen.

Um eine Trophäe freizuschalten und mit eurem PSN Konto zu verknüpfen (Benötigt ein PSN Konto und eine Internet Verbindung) müsst ihr die jeweilige Aufgabe schaffen. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und deren Bedingungen.

Weitere News, Lösungen und Tipps zum Spiel findet ihr auf unserer Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor – Martyr Themenseite.


Playstation 4 Trophäen Leitfaden








Verpassbare Trophäen
Zeit für Platin


Platin Trophäen

  • For the Emperor
    Earn all Trophies.


Goldene Trophäen

  • Grenadier
    Kill 1000 enemies with grenade.
  • Bibliophiliac
    Unlock all Skill trees.
  • Mechasapient
    Research 10 Tech tree upgrades.
  • Adept of the Lost Arts
    Achieve all the cards from the Uther’s Tarot.
  • Glorious
    Reach maximum points in a Weekly Glory challenge.


Silberne Trophäen

  • Perils of the Warp
    Create 100 Warp anomalies (Psyker only).
  • Lexico Arcanus
    Learn all the skills from a single Skill tree.


Bronze Trophäen

  • Verminslayer
    Kill 2500 Horde type enemies.
  • Reaper
    Kill 250 Champion enemies.
  • Cull the Strong
    Kill 100 Elite creatures.
  • Where It Hurts
    Kill 50 Commander enemies.
  • Hunter of Hunters
    Kill 5 Boss creatures at Power Rating 1500 or higher.
  • No Escape
    Kill 50 enemies while they are in cover.
  • Ranged Avenger
    Kill 5000 enemies with ranged skills.
  • Relentless Slaughter
    Kill 5000 enemies with melee kills.
  • Judge and jury
    Execute 50 enemies (only with Assassin or Crusaider).
  • Sacred Fury
    Achieve „Killstreak“ bonus 30 times.
  • Blood Sacrifice
    Achieve „Massacre“ bonus for the first time.
  • Death Incarnated
    Get „Angel of Death“ bonus 30 times.
  • Untouchable
    Get „Unbreakable“ bonus 30 times.
  • Veteran of Battles
    Complete 50 multiplayer missions.
  • Couch Warriors
    Complete a mission in local coop.
  • Saviour
    Revive each other 50 times.
  • Stalwart Servant
    Complete 25 side quests.
  • No Time Wasted
    Complete 25 time limited missions.
  • Invincible
    Complete 25 missions without dying.
  • Uprooting Evil
    Complete 5 Priority Assignments.
  • Perfect Record
    Complete an entire Priority Assignment sequence without dying.
  • Only War
    Complete a mission at Power Rating 500 or higher.
  • Relic Hunter
    Complete 20 Stolen Relics missions without losing a single Reliquary.
  • Visionary
    Complete 10 Tarot missions.
  • Brother in Arms
    Join a Cabal.
  • For the Cabal
    Complete 10 Cabal missions.
  • Cheating Death
    Deal with 50 traps.
  • Ordnance Seeker
    Open 100 supply chests.
  • Demolisher
    Blow up 250 explosive containers.
  • Magos Biologis
    Use Booster type Inoculator component 250 times.
  • Chosen Warrior
    Equip your firts Relic item.
  • Technoarcheologist
    Craft 25 items.
  • Forge Lord
    Use the Fusion on a Relic item.
  • Hero of the Imperium
    Acquire 5000 Fate points.
  • No Turning Back
    Reach Inquisitorial Rank 20 with at least one character.