Warframe Hotfix 25.4.3 Patch Notes – PC Update am 27. Juli

Warframe Patch Notes 12. Juni

Warframe the Jovian Concord hat heute ein Hotfix Update erhalten, die PC Version wurde mit dem Hotfix 25.4.3 ausgestattet. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch Notes zu diesem Warframe Update am 27. Juli.


Warframe Patch Notes 25.4.3


  • Made a micro optimization to Ignis effect scripts.


  • Further fixes towards crashes that could occur when typing invalid characters in text boxes.
  • Fixed inability to confirm numerous text box situations even though the correct words were entered in non-English clients, such as:
    • Can MOTD
    • Dojo Room Messages
    • Friend Notes
    • Contributing Dojo Decorations
      • And possible some other scenarios 
  • Fixed Client’s inability to progress the „Find X Syndicate Medallions“ Riven requirement.
  • Fixes towards cases of mismatched Host / Client Dojo.
  • Fixed clipping doors in the Lua Sabotage tileset.