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Insgesamt gibt es 71 Erfolge mit zusammen 1.475 Punkten.


Erfolge zum DLC The Executioner

  • Ungewöhnlich grausam
    Schließe alle Qualen ab.
  • Kopf aus Stahl
    Schließe The Executioner ab, ohne Schaden zu erleiden.
  • Du hast es verdient
    Räche dich an dem Cop, der deinen Vorgänger besiegt hat.
  • Verdammt neugierig
    Sammle alle Tagebücher der Tochter in The Executioner.
  • Alles muss raus
    Kaufe alle Gegenstände im Laden.
  • Blutgericht in Krimson
    Töte 10 gewöhnliche Ruhelose mit der Kettensäge.
  • Meister der Fallen
    Töte 10 gewöhnliche Ruhelose mit Umgebungsfallen in The Executioner.
  • Immer auf die Zwölf
    Töte 20 gewöhnliche Ruhelose durch Exekutionen.
  • Hausfriedensbruch
    Säubere das Erdgeschoss und das erste Stockwerk des Anwesens in The Executioner.
  • Die Werkzeuge des Meisters
    Säubere den Keller des Anwesens in The Executioner.

    DLC: The Consequence

    40 Punkte

    20 Punkte

    15 Punkte

    Geheimer Erfolg

    • Things Fall Apart 20
      Clear Chapter 3, „Illusions.“


    Erfolge zum DLC The Assignment

    40 Punkte

    15 Punkte

    • A Piece of My Past
      Collect all Personnel Files in The Assignment.
    • A Warning
      Complete the hidden letter in The Assignment.
    • All You Need is Axe
      Survive the duel without using any electronic devices in the environment.
    • Clutch!
      Use a single trap to kill two or more enemies in The Assignment.
    • Death Grip
      Get a Cadaver to grab and kill a Haunted.
    • Prank Call
      Lure an enemy with a phone call and lock them in a room.
    • A Different Beginning
      Clear Chapter 1, „An Oath.“


    Erfolge zum Hauptspiel

    • …And the Corpses Mount
      Kill 30 enemies.
    • À la Corvo
      Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight.
    • Ammo Conservationist
      Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.
    • Another Day on the Job
      Complete the game on Survival difficulty
    • Arachnophobia
      Outrun a gigantic threat in the city
    • Bathed in Flames
      Enough running! I’ll burn her to the ground right here!
    • Bloody Bar Brawl
      Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.
    • Blow Up the Playing Field
      Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results)
    • Burn, Baby, Burn!
      Kill 5 enemies with a torch.
    • Drop It Like It’s Hot
      Kill 3 living enemies with one drop of a match.
    • Entry Level Electrician
      I should get this whole generator panel running just in case.
    • Every Nook and Cranny
      Collect every collectable in the game.
    • Everybody Gets One
      Who wouldn’t reach out for a man clinging for his life?
    • First Step into Darkness
      Complete the game on Casual difficulty
    • Full House
      Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt
    • Hardbody
      Fully upgrade all of Sebastian’s attributes.
    • Home is Where the Hospice is
      That vision in the hospice… why here? Why now?
    • I Don’t Have Time for This!
      It won’t stay dead! Better only fight when I have to.
    • It Is What It Is
      Finish the game without upgrading any skills with green gel
    • Item Management
      This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet.
    • Knife Beats Chainsaw
      His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out.
    • Krimson PD Fury
      Kill 200 enemies.
    • Master of Horror
      Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty
    • Master of Unlocking
      Open up all the lockers in the save room
    • My Best Friend
      Completely upgrade one weapon.
    • Not a Scratch on Her!
      I’m not taking any chances, this bus can’t take much more damage.
    • Not Part of the Job Description
      The water’s rising, but we’ll get out of this without a scratch.
    • Old Flame
      Finish off a shrieking beast
    • One Man Army
      Kill 400 enemies.
    • One of the Many
      Defeat the ultimate evil within
    • Silent Kill
      Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.
    • Slither into Oblivion
      Remove an invisible enemy from the equation.
    • The First, Not the Last
      End a monstrosity in the underground garage
    • The Power of Three
      Completely upgrade three weapons.
    • The Quick and the Dead
      Finish the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00.
    • Two on Two
      Take out both guardians before the church
    • Unstoppable Arsenal
      Completely upgrade all weapons.
    • Weapon of Choice
      Defeat the Sadist within the village
    • What’s In The Box?!
      Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs
    • Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo?
      Upgrade all options in the Stock menu
    • You Asked For It
      Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.