The Crooked Man – STEAM Errungenschaften Erfolge Leitfaden

In dem Spiel „The Crooked Man“ könnt ihr insgesamt 27 Steam Errungenschaften (Achievements) freischalten. Um einen dieser Erfolge freizuspielen müsst ihr die jeweilige Bedingung erfüllen.

In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle PC Erfolge und deren Bedingungen. Weitere Lösungen und Cheats zu „The Crooked Man“ findet in unserer Themenseite zum Spiel.


PC Erfolge Roadmap & Leitfaden

  • What a Sissy
  • Uncrooked Man
    Defeat the Crooked Man in Scene 1 without taking any damage
  • Survivor
    Survive first encounter with the Crooked Man
  • Speed Runner
    Escape the gas with over 1 minute to spare
  • Sniper
  • Sick Leave
    Try to enter the bed next to D’s bed
  • Self-Loathing
    Read the books in the school
  • See You Later, Duke
  • Screams of the Sightless
    Read the books in the hotel library
  • Scene 4 Complete!
  • Scene 3 Complete!
  • Scene 2 Complete!
  • Scene 1 Complete!
  • Precious Drink
  • Oops…
  • Not Your Fault, David!
  • Never, Ever Give Up
  • Just Let Me Sleep!
    Go back to bed without answering the phone
  • Just Getting Started
  • Goodbye, My Friend!
  • Gas Chamber
    Get killed by poison gas
  • Game Over
    Get Game Over once
  • Emily’s Poem
    Read the books in the hospital day-room
    Get Game Over 5 times
  • Bye-Bye Black Bird
  • BL?!
    Try to enter D’s bed
  • Aviation School Isn’t For Show
    Defeat the Crooked Man in Scene 2 without taking any damage