The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human – Erfolge Leitfaden

Stem Errungenschaften

In dem PC Spiel „The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human“ gibt es insgesamt 21 Erfolge (Achievements) die ihr freiepielen könnt. In unserem Leitfaden zeigen wir euch alle Erfolge und auch welche Aufgaben ihr erfüllen müsst.


  • …And the rest is lost.
    Complete the game
  • Hardocre
    Unlock hardcore mode
  • Human Race Extinct
    You died.
  • Hunter
    kill 100 fish
  • Modern Times
    Find all upgrades
  • Play To Kill
    Complete Boss-rush Mode
  • Possimpible
    Complete the game without any upgrade crates
  • Readit
    Read all Holotapes
  • Sadist
    Incapacitate the Tranquil
  • The Chain Gang
    Defeated The Chain Gang
  • The Defiler
    Defeated The Defiler
  • The Experiment
    Defeated The Experiment
  • The False Light
    Defeated The False Light
  • The Fathers
    Defeated The Fathers
  • The Forgotten One
    Defeated The Forgotten One
  • The Guardian
    Defeated The Guardian
  • The Heart of the City
    Defeated The Heart of the City
  • The Last Human
    Complete Hardcore mode
  • The Parasite
    Defeated The Parasite
  • The Tranquil
    Defeated The Tranquil
  • The Worm
    Defeated The Worm