The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden

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Hier findet ihr alle Erfolge zu The Amazing Spider-Man 2, insgesamt könnt ihr 46 Erfolge mit 1000 Punkten bekommen


  • Human
    Completed the game on Human difficulty
  • Hero
    Completed the game on Hero difficulty
  • Super Hero
    Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty
  • Bookworm
    Collected all Spider-Man comic books
  • Lover
    Retrieved all parts of Black Cat’s journal
  • Special Agent
    Retrieved all parts of Menken’s journal
  • Investigator
    Retrieved all parts of Detective’s journal
  • I’m on a Roll
    Achieved a combo streak of 42
  • Stay Down!
    Performed 15 signature moves
  • Breaker
    Destroyed 20 body armors
  • Know Your Enemies
    Unlocked all character bios
  • Reporter
    Completed all photo challenges

  • All Tied Up
    Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns
  • Hunter of Killers
    Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols
  • Drop It!
    Disarmed 50 enemies
  • Shocking!
    Defeated Shocker
  • The Hunter, Hunted
    Defeated Kraven
  • Lovers‘ Quarrel
    Defeated Black Cat
  • Is It Over?
    Defeated Cletus Kasady
  • You Are Under Arrest
    Defeated Kingpin
  • The Green Goblin
    Defeated Green Goblin
  • Switch Off
    Defeated Electro
  • Now It Is Over
    Defeated Carnage
  • Fashionista
    Unlocked all suits
  • Infiltration
    Completed all hideouts
  • Luchador!
    Completed all combat challenges
  • Can’t Hit Me
    Achieved 30 multidodges
  • Timing Is Everything
    Achieved 100 critical hits
  • Lightweight Champion
    Defeated 100 enemies
  • Middleweight Champion
    Defeated 300 enemies
  • Heavyweight Champion
    Defeated 500 enemies
  • Hero of the People
    Saved 50 civilians
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    Reached maximum levels for all suits
  • State of the Art
    Unlocked all concept art
  • True Hero
    Heroism to the maximum
  • Enforcer
    Completed 10 deadlock situations
  • Fireman
    Completed 10 building on fire situations
  • Guardian Angel
    Completed 10 rescue situations
  • Vigilante
    Completed 10 petty crime situations
  • Fast-Tracker
    Completed 5 races
  • Master of the Web
    Performed 50 signature moves
  • Friendly Fire
    Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him
  • Shotgun
    Acquired the Seismic Blast ability
  • Disintegrator
    Acquired the Ionic Web ablity
  • Aerial Break
    Destroyed any armored enemy using Web-Strike
  • Sneaky
    Completed a hideout without being spotted