Sword Art Online: Lost Song – Trophäen Trophies Liste

PS3, PS4 und PS Vita Trophäen Leitfaden

In „Sword Art Online: Lost Song“ haben die Entwickler insgesamt 43 Trophäen versteckt. Um eine Trophäe freizuspielen müsst ihr die jeweilige Aufgabe erfüllen, in unserem Leitfaden findet ihr jede Trophäe mit Beschreibungen wie ihr sie freischalten könnt.

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Platin Trophäe

  • ALO’s Strongest Player
    Earn all trophies. „You are an excellent fighter. The best I have ever seen.“

Goldene Trophäe

  • Super Player
    Complete an Extra Quest without taking damage.

Silberne Trophäen

Bronze Trophäen

  • Fairies in the Sky
    Reach the story chapter „Fairies in the Sky.“
  • The Two Idols
    Reach the story chapter „The Two Idols.“
  • A Game Where You Can Die Is Too Easy!
    Have the character you are controlling reach 0 HP and become a Remain Light.
  • Can I Get a Raise?
    Resurrect a party member who has become a Remain Light.
  • Being a Solo Player Isn’t So Bad
    Complete a total of 10 side quests, Extra Quests, and/or Multiplayer Quests with a party consisting of any single character.
  • The Dark World
    Reach the story chapter „The Dark World.“
  • Intertwined Desires
    Reach the story chapter „Intertwined Desires.“
  • Lies
    Reach the story chapter „Lies.“
  • Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade
    Reach the story chapter „Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade.“
  • A Paradox of Light and Darkness
    Reach the story chapter „A Paradox of Light and Darkness.“
  • Girls Ops
    Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Silica, Lisbeth, and Leafa.
  • The Red-head in the Shadows
    Reach the story chapter „The Red-head in the Shadows.“
  • Guys Night Out
    Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer quest with a party consisting of Kirito, Klein, and Agil.
  • All These 100,000 Yuld Mithril Pieces…!
    Have more than 1,000,000 Yuld.
  • It’s Just Like Old Times
    Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Kirito and Asuna.
  • The Youthful Goddess
    Reach the story chapter „The Youthful Goddess.“
  • Ki-bo’s a Playah!
    Go to the festival with all the game’s heroines. „This’s a sweet scoop!“
  • The World of the Black Fairies
    Reach the story chapter „The World of the Black Fairies.“
  • A Worthy Rival
    Befriend Sumeragi.
  • Welcome to ALfheim Online!
    Log into ALfheim Online.
  • The Twilight of the Gods
    Reach the story chapter „The Twilight of the Gods.“
  • Your Adventure.
    Create a party that includes your own custom character.
  • Let’s Start With a Test Run
    Complete your first side quest.
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