Stardew Valley Update 1.45 Patch Notes

Stardew Valley Update

Die zuständigen Entwickler von Stardew Valley haben ein neues Update veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes zu diesem Update am 2. Februar.

Das Stardew Valley Update 1.45 kann ab sofort heruntergeladen und Installiert werden, für PS4, Xbox One und PC. Mit diesem Update wird ein neues Feature hinzugefügt und es werden einige Fehler behoben


Stardew Valley Patch Notes 1.45

Version 1.44

  • Added the ability to take screenshots of the farm.
  • Fixed a crash when wearing the Napalm Ring.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Cross or Circle while performing certain actions would erroneously open the onscreen keyboard.
  • Fixed various audio issues.
  • Adjusted the controls for accessing the in-game chat.
  • Machines in corners can now be refilled without using the cursor.
  • Item pickups are now more responsive in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Elliott’s 14-heart not working in non-English languages.
  • Fixed a potential softlock in Sam’s 6-heart event.
  • Corrected some data entry issues related to shirts, fish ponds, and movies.
  • Fixed the cursor not appearing in the level up profession selector if the Controller Style Menus option is toggled off.
  • Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
  • Removed Catfish from Willy’s fishing quests during Winter.
  • Krobus will no longer get jealous if you gift characters you’re dating after he moves in.
  • Adjusted some NPC gift reactions.
  • Fixed minor visual issues related to crabpots.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


Version 1.45

  • Fixed co-op join menu not showing the farms of friends