Soulcalibur 6 Patch Notes 1.50 für PS4, Xbox One und PC

Soulcalibur 6 patch 1.42

Bandai Namco hat Update 1.50 für Soulcalibur VI veröffentlicht, der Client Patch steht ab sofort bereit zum Dowbload, für PS4, Xbox One und PC.


Soulcalibur VI Update 1.50 Patch Notes


Temple stage with the evening in the background is added.

Note: This stage is limited to Cassandra’s story.



– Cursor remembers previous selection when selecting Combat Lessons.

– Soul Charge remains after reset position in Training Mode. Positioning and Soul Charge will be reset by pressing left stick (L3) + L1 + R1 at the same time.

– Action adjustments: If CPU is crouching when shifting „Action1“ to „Action2“, make him stand up first and then do action 2. At the end of „Action1“ after selecting „Play Command Record“ as „Action2“, have been changed.

Note: When action setting system in Training Mode (including Play Command Record) is being used, action speed would be fast as possible.

– Change the default display to „Return to Previous Mode“ when return from Rank match.

Note: Change selection to „Return to Previous Mode“ at result screen after Rank match battle.



– Soul charge remains after reset position.

Note: Added consecutive battle in Casual match.

– Added ON/OFF option for opponent’s creation character in Rank match and Casual match. When it’s „OFF“, opponent’s costume will be displayed as default.



– Names for custom-created characters can now be input in Japanese (2 byte letters)

– Color selection of extra parts „Butterfly Antennas“ is added.


Casual match

– Able to see host player’s license when room searching in Casual match.

– Added sound effect when matching in Arcade mode or Training mode.


Character selection

– Cursor remembers the previous position for each players when selecting creation character.

– Cursor remembers the previous position when selecting character’s weapon.


Cassandra Character Reveal Trailer