PlanetSide 2 Update 2.20 Patch Notes vom 26. Oktober

Planetside 2 Update 2.20

Daybreak hat heute ein neues Update für Planetside 2 veröffentlicht. Unten findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes für PC und PS4, vom 26. Oktober 2020.

Das Planetside 2 Update 2.20 kann ab sofort heruntergeladen und Installiert werden. Die Größe des Download ist uns im Moment nicht bekannt.

Das The Shattered Warpgate Update fügt einige neue Inhalte hinzu, zudem beginnt das Halloween Event!


Planetside 2 Patch Notes 2.20

Leider liegen uns die Patch Notes nur in Englischer Version vor. Wir aktualisieren diesen Artikel sobald wir die deutschen Texte haben.<7p>

The Shattered Warpgate

After months of work, the time has finally come for this massive, multi-faceted update to make its way PlanetSide. With The Shattered Warpgate, we overhaul the icy continent of Esamir, introduce an entirely new Campaign and Mission system, revamp Outfit resource accumulation and War Asset costs, and refine many other aspects of the game as well.

Esamir Upheaval

The continent of Esamir has gone through many changes since you last saw it. The Northeastern Warpgate has been destroyed, and in its wake are the time-frozen remains of an ancient Vanu structure, and a vortex of energy pouring into the sky.

  • New Skybox: Esamir has gotten colder with an overcast sky, the auroras have gotten brighter, and the sky shudders with cracks of lightning overhead.
  • Abandoned Bases: Due to hardline failures and defunct technology, many bases on Esamir have been abandoned for the snow to reclaim.
  • Disabled Vehicles: Disabled during the explosion, derelict vehicles can be found scattered throughout Esamir, and with the right tech, able to be reclaimed.
  • New and Modified Bases: After the collapse, empires scrambled to modify and construct new bases to accommodate the changed environment.
  • New Warpgate Location: Nanite Systems has unveiled new “Haven” technology that acts as a pseudo-Warpgate for the eastern portion of Esamir.
  • Revamped Lattice: The lattice has been reconfigured to conform to the new environment, and bases now tend to be fewer and farther between.
  • Environmental Hazard: An Electrical Storm roams the battlefield, calling down deadly lightning bolts and overloading vehicle systems.



With The Shattered Warpgate update, we introduce our first-ever “Campaign” to the game.
The story of The Shattered Warpgate centers around the detonation of a Warpgate in northeastern Esamir. Nanite Systems spearheads the investigation into the mysteries surrounding the event, and enlists the help of soldiers across all empires to help return stability to the land.

What’s a Campaign?

  • A Campaign is a multi-staged progression of the in-game world that takes place over several Chapters.
  • Participating in a Campaign will unlock lore-driven story missions that explore the evolving war on Auraxis, and the minds of those behind it.
  • Campaigns and their Chapters are specifically crafted to be completed without an extensive time commitment; and the events therein are meant to exist alongside the normal day-to-day gameplay of the world.

What’s a Chapter?

  • Chapters are time-locked segments of a Campaign, and cannot be repeated, or participated in if you miss out.
  • Each Chapter tells a separate portion of the overarching story, and the world continues to evolve with each Chapter.
  • There are multiple “Events” (similar to Missions) that must be completed before a Chapter is considered complete.

Campaign Rewards and Equipment

  • Campaigns and their Chapters each have rewards available on completion. A Chapter’s rewards are unlocked when all of the Chapter Events are completed, and a Campaign’s rewards are unlocked when each Chapter within the Campaign is completed.
  • Additionally, new equipment is available during a Campaign, some of which may be unlocked with Campaign Standing.
  • Campaign Standing is earned by participating in Chapter Events, as well as Campaign Side-missions (explained more in the Mission section.)

Unlocking the Campaign
The certification cost of a Campaigns scales with Battle Rank, and players with an active membership gain access automatically. When a Campaign is unlocked, it remains unlocked for all subsequent Chapters, and unlocking a Campaign with certifications must be done per character.

Certification Costs per Battle Rank:

  • BR 1-10 = 100 Certs
  • BR 11-20 = 250 Certs
  • BR 21-30 = 500 Certs
  • BR 31-40 = 750 Certs
  • BR 41-50 = 1250 Certs
  • BR 51-60 = 1500 Certs
  • BR 61-70 = 1750 Certs
  • BR 71-80 = 2000 Certs
  • BR 81-90 = 2250 Certs
  • BR 91-100 = 2500 Certs
  • BR 101+ = 2750 Certs (Includes players who have prestiged.)

We hope you’ll find The Shattered Warpgate a welcome change of pace that will cement elements of the existing lore while continuing to create new stories for all to enjoy.

New Mission System
Players now have access to an all-new Mission system that offers up daily missions players can complete for rewards.
What’s a mission?

  • A mission is a time-limited objective that a player can take on within the game world.
  • Missions can be accepted daily by visiting a Mission Board, or opening the UI window with the “i” key by default.
  • All players can accept up to 3 missions daily, and players with active memberships can accept up to 6 each day.

Contractors, Rewards, and Rarities
Each mission is dispensed from a “Contractor” that represents one of the factions in our world.
While all contractors have the ability to reward experience, boosts, and certifications, there are additional rewards offered based on the contractor.

  • Nanite Systems – Implants, ISO-4, and Nanite Systems weapons can be rewarded by completing Nanite Systems missions.
  • Black Market – Implants and A7 can be rewarded by completing Black Market missions.
  • Vanu Sovereignty, New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, and Nanite Systems Operatives – Merit and Empire Weapons (or NS for NSO,) can be rewarded by completing faction missions.

Missions come in a variety of rarities which represent difficulty, time investment, and intensity. The higher the rarity, the better the rewards for that mission type.
Training Missions

  • Players up to BR15 will receive “Training Missions” that help acclimate new players to various types of gameplay.
  • These missions also offer better-than-average rewards for the time investment.

Campaign Side-Missions

  • Players who are participating in the current Campaign will have access to various Campaign Side-Missions.
  • These side-missions reward Campaign Standing, in exchange for a certification buy-in.
  • Playing through the Campaign will also unlock new side-missions that have a chance to appear in your daily pool.


Indar Terrain Changes

  • The Crown has received changes to capture point placement, D point has been removed, and B point can now be reached from both the north, south, and eastern sides of the base through an underground combat area.
  • Ceres Hydroponics has received some adjustments to reduce prop density, and adjust sight lines, and the hill to TI Alloys has received some new paths around the eastern side.
  • TI Alloys has received reductions in its defensive capabilities, and the rock bridge connecting it to The Crown has been destroyed.

Sanctuary Changes

  • Players will now log into Sanctuary initially.
  • The visuals within and without Sanctuary has received much in the way of cleanup and improvement.
  • A new “Social” chat channel is available for all Sanctuary-goers, allowing cross-faction chat throughout the station.
  • Mission Boards are available within Sanctuary, that will take you to the Mission page on interacting with them. They’ve also been placed in each Warpgate.
  • A campaign rewards vendor can now be found in the Outfit Quartermaster shop.
  • Outfit Quartermaster/Outfit Recruiter have swapped places.
  • FL-34 and SPRK-33 in the Black Market shop have swapped places.
  • Speaking with FL-34 in Sanctuary will open the implant crafting menu for the player.




  • This implant has been added to the drop table.
  • Actual crafting cost has been instated at 3500.
  • Recoil and CoF bloom penalty from 200% to 100%
  • No longer uncaps horizontal recoil tolerance.

Mentor Chat

· Players who complete the Leadership tier 3 directive will now have access to Mentor Chat regardless of their current Mentor Rank.
· Players up to BR30 (and less than 100 directive score) now have access to /new chat, was previously until BR15.

· Typing “/leavechat mentor” or “/joinchat mentor” will allow those with privileges to leave and join at will.


War Asset Costs Overhaul

Changes to Map-based Resource Gain

  • Upon a successful capture, bases award their full resource value to any participating outfits above a contribution threshold of 1000 score.
  • Outfits who own a base continue to gain resource ticks over time once every 5 minutes, (no changes from Live.)
  • Sanctuary no longer offers resource trading.
  • Expeditions have been retooled to provide larger resource drops with a consistent conversion.
  • Assets can no longer be Overclocked at all. This is an experiment to see if the slowed pacing, coupled with the resource changes below, result in more diverse war asset usage.

War Assets now have resource type associations drawn more exclusively with their desirability.
Auraxium-based Assets

  • Light ANVIL
    • 5 Auraxium for 3 ANVILs
  • Medium ANVIL
    • 25 Auraxium
  • Heavy ANVIL
    • 50 Auraxium
  • Facility Modules
    • 10 Auraxium for 5 modules
    • Duration from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
    • Weight from 5 to 0.

Synthium-based Assets

  • Citadel Shield
    • 25 Synthium
  • Steel Rain
    • 15 Synthium
    • Weight from 50 to 25
    • Crafting time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Orbital Strike
    • 75 Synthium

Polystellarite-based Assets

  • Bastion Fleet Carrier
    • Time to craft per asset increased to 12 hours per piece.
    • 25 Polystellarite
    • 20 Polystellarite
    • 15 Polystellarite
    • 10 Polystellarite
  • Colossus Tank
    • 15 Polystellarite

Expedition Values

  • Synthium Short
    • Cost from 100 Auraxium to 50 Auraxium
    • Yield from 25-35 to 35 Synthium
  • Synthium Medium
    • Cost from 150 Auraxium to 100 Auraxium
    • Yield from 50-70 to 75 Synthium
  • Synthium Long
    • Cost from 200 Auraxium to 150 Auraxium
    • Yield from 75-105 to 150 Synthium
  • Polystellarite Short
    • Cost from 50 Synthium to 25 Synthium
    • Yield from 5-7 to 7
  • Polystellarite Medium
    • Cost from 75 Synthium to 50 Synthium
    • Yield from 10-14 to 15
  • Polystellarite Long
    • Cost from 100 Synthium to 75 Synthium
    • Yield from 15-21 to 30


  • Deployment Shield damage has been reduced by 50% across the board.
  • The “War Horn” is now available for the Colossus in the Depot.


  • Maximum health from 5000 to 4500.
  • Aircraft nosegun resistance (type 8) from 85 to 83.
  • A2A lockon resistance (type 45) from -100 to -75.

Nanite Costs

  • Harasser nanite cost from 150 to 300
  • Lightning nanite cost from 350 to 300

Aspis Anti-Air Phalanx Turret

  • Projectile lifespan from 1.2 seconds to 2 seconds.


  • Wyrm minimum damage from 250 to 275.

Havoc Missiles (ESF)

  • New “Havoc Missiles” are now available from the Black Market weapon vendor in Sanctuary as an ESF secondary slot weapon.
  • These A2A lockons will fire a barrage of four missiles that, on impact, will prevent the target vehicle from being repaired for a short time.

Galaxy and Bastion

  • A2A lockon resistance (type 45) from -125 to -100.


  • Burster indirect (flak explosion) damage from 25 to 28.

Player Studio items

  • Old War Heavy Assault armor and helmet (Terran Republic,) by Doku
  • Armadillo Sunderer exterior, bumper, and tires (All Factions,) by Steveo
  • Challenger Vanguard exterior plating (New Conglomerate,) by Lobstrex
  • Response Infiltrator armor (NSO,) by binarycoder
  • Ravenshroud helmet (Terran Republic,) by CountPoly


Alert Rewards

Meltdown rewards now grant…

  • 300 ISO-4 for a win.
  • 150 ISO-4 for a loss.
  • 150 Certs for a win.
  • 75 Certs for a loss.
  • XP for a win remains 25,000.
  • XP for a loss remains 10,000.

Empire Strength

  • Full Empire Strength is now achieved at 44% through raw territory control, (down from 52%,) or 40% territory control if you also own the central base.

and if that wasn’t enough…

Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow

Your march across the icy tundra slows as you attempt to take stock of your surroundings. The cold wind howls, wrapping itself around your insulated armor. Just beyond the edges of your periphery, the shadows seem to shift… you could swear you’re being followed. A reluctant glance cast over your shoulder reveals nothing; no combat or convoys, not even the glint of a patiently trained sniper scope. A chill runs down your spine and a feeling of unease washes over you. You shake it off. Turning back to continue your path, that’s when it strikes you; that familiar feeling of sheer, undeniable terror. You stand paralyzed as its gaze pierces through you; hollowed, orange eyes peering into your soul… the Space Pumpkins have returned.

From Oct. 26 – Nov. 15 a special Halloween event will be taking place in PlanetSide 2.

Space Pumpkins and the elusive Galact-O-Lanterns are spawning throughout Auraxis. Smashing these pumpkins grant experience and a handful of Infernal Grenades (detailed further down.)

Sanctuary has been redecorated for the holiday season, and the vendors of Sanctuary are donning attire befitting the season.

Infernal Grenades are timed explosives that, upon detonation, ignite infantry and MAX units caught within the blast. Killing Space Pumpkins and winning Alerts will provide you with additional Infernal Grenades.

Hallow Ribbons
Kills with any of the following Halloween weapons will award Hallow Ribbons, providing bonus experience.

  • Ectoblaster
  • Slasher
  • Auraxium Slasher
  • LB00 Python
  • NS Candy Cannon 3000
  • Infernal Grenades

Halloween Directive VII
A new Halloween Directive complete with new rewards has been added.

Tier 1
Unlock event masks and facepaints by speaking to the following NPCs on Sanctuary.

  • Speak to FL-34 in the Data Exchange on Sanctuary
  • Speak to Foster in the Sanctuary Observation Deck
  • Speak to Nalla in the Expedition shop on Sanctuary
  • Find and speak to a sketchy looking guard on Sanctuary

Tier 2-4

  • Slashing Pumpkins – Destroy Space Pumpkins, Galact-O-Lanterns kills are worth 10 kills toward this directive.
  • Masked Murder – Kill enemies while wearing a Halloween Mask.
  • Silver for Monsters – Use melee weapons to kill enemies who are wearing Halloween Masks or Facepaint.
  • Necromancer – Revive allies.
  • Witchy Ways – Earn heal/resupply/repair experience.
  • Hallowed Ground – Earn kills while near a Mining Drill, Bastion Fleet Carrier, or in The Shattered Warpgate area.


  • Tier 1 – Ichabod Crown, Infernal Grenade
  • Tier 2 – Ectoblaster, 100 Certs
  • Tier 3 – 450 A7, 100 ISO-4
  • Tier 4 – Title: Creepy, Halloween VII Banner, 500 ISO-4

Holiday Cosmetics and Weapons
Find special themed cosmetics in The Depot for a limited time.

  • Flamerider Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser) – Sport burning trails of fire on the wheels of your vehicle.
  • Green Wisp Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser/ANT/Sunderer) – Green floating spirits follow your vehicle around the battlefield.
  • Holiday Horns – A variety of spooky Halloween themed vehicle horns are available.
  • Holiday Helmets – Special costume helmets are available.
  • The Slasher – A cult classic melee weapon.
  • LB00 Python AP – A holiday-themed version of the Lightning’s Python AP main cannon.
  • NS Candy Cannon 3000 – Fires candy corn, the hardest substance on the planet.
  • Halloween Camos – Various Halloween-related camouflage has been made available.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

Bug Fixes

  • Colossus now generates outfit logs when crafted or spawned.
  • Cleaned up issues with wielded knife animations.
  • NSO characters can now switch profile banners. A bug still exists with new NSO characters being equipped with the wrong default banner.
  • SR-200 (NSO Sniper Rifle) no longer inherits camo applied to the character’s body.
  • Javelin cockpit handlebars now rotate correctly in first person.
  • Black Market terminals now show weapon stats correctly.
  • Fixed various broken props and stretched textures.
  • Removed outdated information from the Membership panel related to earning levels.
  • NSO faction now has its own Heavy Assault Shield effects, visible when they are not assigned to another team, like when they’re used in Sanctuary.
  • Fixed a typo in the air vehicle render distance description of the graphical settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing vehicle HUD overlays to be rotated for a frame before realigning themselves.
  • Selecting Koltyr on the World Map no longer shows broken image.
  • Camos should now appear properly on characters, instead of sometimes showing missing.
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where the player BR would appear incorrect on outfit applications after the outfit leader, logs off and back in with pending applications.


  • Water on Indar, Amerish, and Esamir has updated visuals.
  • Reduced the performance impact of many UI elements.
  • Made adjustments to Join Combat in an attempt to target more balanced fights.
  • Adjusted Empire Strength to mainly rely on Territory control, instead of base-specific control.
  • Lengthened the quickest respawn time available by 3 seconds.
  • Revisited loading screen tips to ensure accuracy, and added new ones related to Bastion, Colossus, Missions, and Campaigns.


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