Planetbase Update Version 1.3.4 Patch Notes vom 17. Mai


Planetbase Update 1.3.4 steht ab sofort für alle Plattformen bereit zum Download. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch Notes zu diesem Update und den letzten Updates.


Changelog der letzten Updates – 1.3.4


  • Fixed crash saving games introduced in 1.3.3



  • Fixed text in tutorial, that indicated that main menu was at the top of the screen, when in fact it has moved to the bottom in the latest version.
  • Fixed typo in Cabin tooltip.
  • Temp files for profile, settings and savegames, are now created in the same folder as the final file to reduce the likelihood of corruption.
  • If the game can not load settings or profile files, a more helpful error message is displayed.



  • Game no longer writes log.txt file, as it was being blocked by anti virus software
  • Game now uses a temp file in user folder to store in progress savegames, to avoid them being blocked by anti virus



  • Printed message when game can not write log.txt file



  • Fixed rare crash while downloading the Dawn of Man announcement image
  • Preventing broken challenges from crashing the challenges screen
  • Fixed various glitches when changing resolution on Mac