Pharaonic: Xbox Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Xbox Achievements Liste

Die Xbox One Version zu „Pharaonic“ verfügt über insgesamt 56 Erfolge die ihr freischalten könnt.

Um einen der Erfolge oder auch geheime Erfolge freizuschalten müsst ihr die jeweilige Aufgabe erfüllen, wenn ihr das habt wird der Erfolg auch mit eurem Microsoft Konto verknüpft. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen. Wenn ihr alle Erfolge entsperrt habt erwarten euch insgesamt 1.000 weitere Gamer Punkte.

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Geheime Erfolge 17


100 GamerScore Punkte

  • The Red Pharaoh (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Ahmosis I, Master of the Two Lands

40 GamerScore Punkte

  • The Warden (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed The Warden, Tyrant of the sacrificial dungeons
  • Queen Circe (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Queen Circe, Overlady of Aeaea
  • War Golem (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Destroyed the War Golem
  • Oannes, Satrapess of Avaris (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Oannes, Satrapess of Avaris
  • The Black Pharaoh (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Help Astarte become the new ruler of Egypt
  • Master of the Thousand Lands (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Become the new ruler of Egypt
  • Ripe for the harvest (Geheimer Erfolg)
    You have brought chaos upon the Two Lands

20 GamerScore Punkte

  • Soul harvester
    Kill 100 enemies
  • A true hero
    Reach Level 30
  • Atencraft shabti (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Destroyed the Atencraft shabti
  • Iä and Qraqen (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Iä and Qraqen
  • Penamun, corrupted stonemason (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Penamun, corrupted stonemason
  • Theseus, Wanax of Mycenae (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Theseus, Wanax of Mycenae
  • Senen, Captain of Set Maat (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Senen, Captain of Set Maat
  • Senakhtenre, forgotten Pharaoh (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Killed Senakhtenre, forgotten Pharaoh

15 GamerScore Punkte

  • Nile Delta
    Arrived at the Nile Delta, a rich and fertile region
  • City of Avaris
    Traversed the Nile Delta and got to Avaris
  • City of Thebes
    Found the 4 keys and entered the Great City of Thebes
  • Royal Palace
    Managed to make your way to the palace
  • Easy victory
    Defeat the Warden with your torch
  • Flawless victory
    Defeat a boss without getting hit
  • A heavy bag of money
    Save 40000 silver kidets
  • Skilled fighter
    Reach Level 10
  • Veteran warrior
    Reach Level 20
  • Globetrotter
    Found all the Heka Steles
  • Master of the Arts
    Get a Skill to the max level
  • For the greater good
    Kill 50 enemies

10 GamerScore Punkte

  • Set Maat
    Escaped the dungeons and reached Set Maat, The Place of Truth
  • Valley of Kings
    Entered the Valley of Kings, formerly sacred Burial Grounds
  • Oasis of Shedet
    Found the Oasis of Shedet, source of Life-Water
  • Royal Quarry
    Got past the Oasis and reached the Royal Quarry
  • Halls of Stone
    Got to the Halls of Stone, where stone abominations roam free
  • Nice catch
    Killed an enemy with the fishing rod
  • By a hair’s breadth (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Defeated a boss with almost no health left
  • Mysterious traveller
    Reach Level 5
  • Oops!
    Kill an enemy with a trap
  • The last drop (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Died while trying to drink from your canteen
  • Treacherous little things (Geheimer Erfolg)
    Died on a trap
  • Kheti, Veteran Medjay Captain
    Get Kheti out of his jail
  • Pratchnefer, uneasy mother
    Bring Pratchnefer news about her daughter
  • Sherybin, Medjay Deserter
    Complete Sherybin’s request
  • The Merchant Goods
    Give the Merchant Goods to either Mentmose or Kafy
  • Good Samaritan
    Help a man in need in the Oasis
  • The last wish
    Give the family heirlooms back to her owner
  • The fisherwoman
    Recover the fisherwoman’s fishing rod
  • The command baton
    Recover the Naval Commander’s Command baton
  • A half deben
    Give the lotus-eater money for his addiction
  • The lost earrings
    Bring Werenro her earrings
  • A safe way out
    Give Takharu a full Thebes soldier set
  • A shiny thing
    Do a trade with the Catatonic Survivor in the Halls of Stone
  • The weight of a feather
    Die for the first time
  • No pain no gain
    Die 10 times
  • Getting used to it
    Die 25 times
  • A sacred task
    Kill 25 enemies
  • Quick reflexes
    Perform 20 successful parries