Nubla – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden

In „Nubla“ gibt es auf der Playstation 4 insgesamt 20 Trophäen und Aufgaben. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und deren Bedingungen.


Platin Trophäe

  • Plantinium
    You have been awarded the platinum trophy.

Goodene Trophäe

  • Memento Nubla
    You have completed every drawing of the Museum.
  • Whispers in the dark
    You have taken your first step into this strange Museum.
  • Bring us the light
    You have brought back the light to the world of Nubla.
  • The Woods of Vanished Faces
    You have walked through the trees that whisper stories.
  • The Blue City
    You have discovered what the Blue City hides.
  • Nubla
    You have reached the place where Nubla awaits.
  • The ascent
    You have entered the Rotating House.
  • The alpine hill
    You are taking your first steps in a new world.
  • The End
    Congratulations! You have completed Nubla Part One.

Bronze Trophäen

  • Love letter
    François Clouet. The Love Letter. 1570.
  • Stories told
    Domenico Ghirlandaio. Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni 1489-1490.
  • A lady’s hat
    Hans Baldung Grien. Portrait of a Woman- 1530 (?).
  • Abandoned Glove
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Yvette Guilbert. 1893.
  • Forgotten valise
    Edward Hopper. Hotel Room. 1931.
  • Moon
    Max Ernst. Solitary and Conjugal Trees. 1940.
  • Nine of spades
    Balthus. The Card Game. 1948-1950.
  • Blue horse
    Franz Marc. The Dream. 1912.
  • Tree
    René Magritte. La Clef des champs. 1936.
  • Summer Cloud
    Emil Nolde. Summer Clouds. 1913.