LEGO The Hobbit: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden Xbox

  • A city turned to ash
    Completed "Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth"
  • In a hole in the ground…
    Completed "An Unexpected Party"
  • Slunk back from whence he came
    Completed "Azog the Defiler"
  • … And be stone to you!
    Completed "Roast Mutton"
  • More of a letter-opener, really!
    Completed "The Troll Hoard"
  • More than a thunderstorm!
    Completed "Over Hill and Under Hill"
  • That’ll do it…
    Completed "Goblin Town"
  • I believe the worst is behind us
    Completed "Out of the Frying Pan…"
  • What do you need?
    Completed "Queer Lodgings"
  • Attercop! Attercop!
    Completed "Flies and Spiders"
  • Escaped the dungeons of the King
    Completed "Barrels Out of Bond"
  • The Mountain-king’s return
    Completed "A Warm Welcome"
  • He is summoning his servants
    Completed "Looking for Proof"
  • It’s undoubtedly a trap
    Completed "The Necromancer"
  • Time to earn your reward
    Completed "On the Doorstep"
  • Think furnace, with wings
    Completed "Inside Information"
  • Ever "The People’s Champion"
    Completed all the quests in Middle-earth
  • The greed of Dwarves
    Collected all Mithril Bricks
  • Labouring in the villages of Men
    Collected all Schematics
  • Doilies and your mother’s dishes
    Collected all Treasure Items in levels
  • Objects of great beauty
    Forged all the Mithril Treasure Items
  • Unequalled skill of the Dwarves
    Forged all the Perfect Mithril Treasure Items
  • The Unassessably Wealthy
    Collected 10,000,000,000 studs
  • That’s why we need a burglar!
    Obtained all Master Burglar titles
  • Stone Giant Stomp
    Completed the Bonus Level
  • To Be Continued…
    Achieved 100% completion
  • Hardly burglar material
    Collected 99 of any loot
  • Wealth lies in the Earth
    Completed the mining game perfectly 50 times
  • Bro’s before Gold
    Used 50 Buddy-Up attacks
  • Team Building
    Used every combination of Dwarves for Buddy-Up attacks
  • Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
    Used Gandalf’s startle ability to dazzle 50 enemies
  • Lord of the Prance
    Equipped yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.
  • Dawn of the Mushroom King
    Equipped Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown
  • Master Builder
    Obtained 150,000 studs from Instruction Builds bonuses
  • Someone to share in an adventure
    Played a level in co-op
  • Quite a merry gathering
    Collected all characters
  • Our Long Forgotten Gold
    Collected all Minikits
  • Beorn Again
    Transformed to Beorn’s bear form.
  • Who is this horrid creature?
    Created a custom character.