Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Patch 1.6.2 erscheinen, alle Details und Changelog

Warhorse Studios hat einen neuen Patch zu „Kingdom Come Deliverance“ veröffentlicht. Das Update steht für die PS4 und den PC zur verfügung, der Patch für die Xbox One erscheint erst später.

Mit Patch 1.6.2 zu „Kingdom Come Deliverance“ wurden unter anderem einige Verbesserungen zur Hauptkampagne vorgenommen und zudem gibt es Verbesserungen zur Erweiterung „From the Ashes“. Es werden diverse Fehler und Probleme behoben.

Weitere Neuigkeiten, Lösungen und Tipps findet ihr auf unserer Themenseite zum Spiel.


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Patch Notes 1.6.2

Kingdom Come:

  • The player now loses only a very small amount of faction reputation when he kills all witnesses to his crime.
  • Partially loaded the state of Talmberg during “Epilogue” fixed. – Robard stuck in the ground during “Epilogue” fixed.
  • “Rattled” quest in Sasau can now be started even after finishing “All that Glisters”. – Several long faders before cutscenes fixed.
  • Player couldn’t run from several quest fights in “A Needle in a Haystack”. It is now possible to do so.
  • NPCs can get very dirty and bloody again.
  • Misleading objective logs during “A Needle in a Haystack” fixed and/or improved.
  • Executioner Hermann is no longer in Rattay faction, which should solve many inappropriate reputation losses concerning Rattay.
  • “Tis But a Scratch” achievement/trophy fixed. Anyone who has already finished the game and hasn’t received the achievement/trophy can just load the save game before “The End” and finish the game by talking to a certain someone.


From the Ashes DLC:

  • Consoles Only – “From the Ashes” cutscene lighting greatly improved
  • Any new village modifier that the player acquires now immediately appears in the GUI. It is now much easier to see which action caused changes in the village.
  • Divish now instantly teleports to Talmberg after finishing the lords’ discussion during “Epilogue”. This should solve many problems with starting the DLC.
  • Issue with finishing the DLC quest during Talmberg siege with Divish being teleported inside besieged Talmberg was fixed.
  • Locator Marius has much better pathfinding now.
  • There is now a bed marker on the player’s bed in all stages of Rathaus.
  • The must-have money in the village chest now starts after talking to Marius in cleared Pribyslawitz. It previously started after the first cutscene, which could have caused confusion in specific cases.
  • There is now a grindstone in the basic forge and the armorer improvement.
  • It is no longer possible to “judge” Fritz and Matthew during “…Is a Friend Indeed” quest.
  • Rare issue with recruited NPCs not migrating to Pribyslavitz fixed.
  • Rare issue with dropped halberds in Pribyslavitz fixed. – Slight improvement in dialogue cameras during judgments.
  • Saddle-maker no longer has “Villager” UI name.
  • NPCs no longer try to walk into the wall behind the church.
  • Fader after buying resources should now be much shorter.
  • “Improvements” option in dialogue with Marius now only shows when the player can actually build some improvements.
  • It is no longer possible to recruit NPCs when the player fails the “A Place to Call Home” quest.
  • Any issues with the crowd not appearing in Rattay during Henry’s public announcement should be fixed.
  • Small French and German translation improvements.
  • Many minor graphical issues in Pribyslavitz fixed