H1Z1: Update 1.44 veröffentlicht – Patch Notes

H1Z1 Patch 1.44

H1Z1 Patch 1.44 ist jetzt für alle PS4-Player verfügbar. Das Update ist sehr klein und bringt unter anderem die Desert Eagle ins Spiel.

Alle Änderungen, Bug Fixes und Neuheiten findet ihr unten in den Patch Notes.


H1Z1 1.44 Patch Notes

Game Updates

  • Added a new weapon, the Desert Eagle. This very powerful pistol is found in Purple airdrop crates and shares ammo with the Magnum. The Desert Eagle is a one-hit-kill headshot if your opponent isn’t wearing a helmet, so aim true!
  • The first implementation of the leaderboards has made its way into Fort Destiny – there are now daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards in the lobby showing wins and kills. Climb the standings, see your name in lights, and show off to all your friends and foes.
  • Players now have the option to spectate the player who eliminated them in a Solo match.
  • Players now automatically tilt forward at the start of the match when entering the parachute phase.
  • Added a UI element that denotes when you are experiencing connectivity issues or packet loss.
  • New Event Challenge for the weekend starting October 5 – kill 10 players in Solos, Duos, or Fives and get 15 Battle Pass Medals!

      • Bullet impact sound effects now properly play on vehicles when the shooter is far away.
      • Fumigator Mask duplicates now always auto-scrap, as intended.
      • Fixed various vehicle skins, such as the Tie-Dye Offroader, occasionally not rendering correctly.