GRID Autosport: Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden – Xbox 360

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Liste aller Erfolge zu GRID Autosport – Englisch

Insgesamt gibt es 57 Erfolge mit 1170 Punkten, inklusive DLC


Gamer Score 100

  • Everyone’s a winner
    Well done! You survived the „GRID Legends Series“.
  • I’ve stopped counting
    Your total Online discipline levels reached 250.

Gamer Score 75

  • I’ve got what Rick Scott’s got
    You won the most prestigious driver’s championship, in every discipline, for Ravenwest.

Gamer Score 50

  • FTW
    You left everyone in the dust and won 100 Online races.

Gamer Score 40

  • An icon in the pit lane
    One of your cars reached level 99 in Online.

Gamer Score 30

  • A True Legend
    Congratulations! You won the „GRID Legends Series“.

Gamer Score 25

  • Done the Tour
    You mastered the Touring Car discipline.
  • No longer afraid of the dark
    You mastered the Endurance discipline.
  • Mr Consistent
    You mastered the Open Wheel discipline.
  • Need some new tyres
    You mastered the Tuner Competition discipline.
  • Street Cred
    You mastered the Street Racing discipline.
  • Tek-Domination
    You created a monster by fully upgrading a car in Online.

Gamer Score 20

  • Top step
    You made a name for yourself by winning a driver’s championship in your Career.
  • One for the cabinet
    You stood on the podium of the „Ultimate Touring Car Championship“.
  • It’s been a long road
    You stood on the podium of the „Ultimate Endurance Championship“.
  • Pop the cork
    You stood on the podium of the „GP World Championship“.
  • I make this look good
    You stood on the podium of the „Super Modified World Masters“.
  • King of the Streets
    You stood on the podium of the „Supercar World Masters“.
  • Long-Haul Legend
    You went the distance and won a 5 event Custom Cup offline.

Gamer Score 15

  • Toured with the Best
    You raced for Ravenwest in a Touring Car championship.
  • Endured with the Best
    You raced for Ravenwest in an Endurance Championship.
  • Raced with the Best
    You raced for Ravenwest in an Open Wheel Championship.
  • Flowed with the Best
    You raced for Ravenwest in a Tuner Competition.
  • Battled with the Best
    You raced for Ravenwest in a Street Racing Championship.
  • Jack of all Trades
    You sampled all of the race types.
  • Badge of Honour
    You joined the elite by earning a platinum medal in RaceNet Challenge.

Gamer Score 10

  • Just warming up
    You completed your first season of your Career.
  • First of Many
    You showed them how it’s done by winning a race in your Career.
  • Through the Hoops
    Impressive, you fulfilled both of your team’s targets in one season.
  • Well rounded education
    You completed a season in all 5 racing disciplines.
  • Extra curricular
    You proved that you can drive anything by winning a cup competition in your Career.
  • No longer the rookie
    You unlocked the „International Touring Car Championship“.
  • Moving up in the world
    You unlocked the „International Endurance Championship“.
  • A good track record
    You unlocked the „International GP Championship“.
  • Making your mark
    You unlocked the „Pro-Tuned World Masters“.
  • Been around the block
    You unlocked the „Pro GT World Masters“.
  • Member of the Pack
    You reached level 10 in Touring Car Online.
  • Durable
    You reached level 10 in Endurance Online.
  • Downforce to be reckoned with
    You reached level 10 in Open Wheel Online.
  • Tuned In
    You reached level 10 in Tuner Competition Online.
  • Streetwise
    You reached level 10 in Street Racing Online.
  • Leading them off
    You qualified for the front row of the grid.
  • The Journeyman
    You raced one season with each of the 10 teams in the career.
  • Side-splitting
    You won a 5 event Splitscreen competition.

Gamer Score 5

  • Sign on the dotted line
    You accepted your first Team Offer; your Career starts here.
  • Brand Awareness
    You pleased your sponsors by satisfying all 6 objectives in one season.
  • Here are the keys
    You splashed the cash and bought your first car in Online.
  • Just the way I like it
    You completed your first offline Custom Cup.
  • Tweak to Peak
    You tinkered and went on to win a race with a custom tuning set-up.
  • Sofa, so good
    You completed a race in splitscreen.

DLC Sprint Pack

  • Riviera Runaway 30
    You completed Cote d’Azur – Route d’Azur in under 3 minutes.
  • Golden Coast 20
    You completed California – Big Sur in under 2 minutes & 55 seconds.
  • King of the Hill
    You completed Okutama Sprint – Mizu Mountain in under 3 minutes & 15 seconds
  • Pearl of the Orient
    You completed Hong Kong – Peak Road Descent in under 2 minutes & 50 seconds.

Touring Car Legends Pack

  • British Touring Legend 30
    Congratulations! You won the „Touring Legends British Championship“.
  • European Touring Legend 30
    Congratulations! You won the „Touring Legends European Championship“.
  • International Touring Legend 30
    Congratulations! You won the „Touring Legends International Championship“.