Endless Winter – Errungenschaften Leitfaden

In dem PC Spiel „Endless Winter“ gibt es insgesamt 29 Erfolge (Achievements). Ihr könnt die Erfolge freischalten indem ihr die jeweilige Aufgabe erfüllt.

In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Erfolge und deren Bedingungen. Weitere Lösungen, Trainer und Cheats zu „Endless Winter“ findet auf unserer Themenseite zum Spiel.


PC Errungenschaften

  • Various death
    Find various ways to die
  • True way
    Complete one stage in challenge mode
  • Training completed
    Level reached 15
  • Thanks for support us!
    Thanks for support us!
  • Stunt driver
    Drive over the abyss for once
  • Snowfox Nova
    Complete 50 percent of stages in casual mode
  • Snowfox Elite
    Complete all stages in casual mode
  • Slow hand
    Reach the destination first by clicking less than 20 times in one stage
  • Simulation exercise
    Win the game without any supplies in casual mode
  • See through life and death
    Die 200 times in multiplayer mode
  • Rescue from abyss
    Rescue a teammate who died in abyss
  • Ragpicker
    Get 50 percent of collections
  • Pileup
    In story mode,both two cars dead within 1 second
  • Perfect collector
    Get all of collections
  • Old driver
    Level reached 50
  • No fear of challenge
    Complete 50 percent of stages in challenge mode
  • Mission guarantee!
    Finish the game in story mode
  • Let us go
    Complete one stage in casual mode
  • I’m always by your side
    Rescue teammates 20 times in one map.
  • Hope fade
    Dead when very close to the destination
  • History once more
    Killed by the same object 3 times
  • Have a rest
    No movement more than 1 minute
  • GIF
    Dead in 10 seconds after resurrection 3 times
  • Get a collection
    Get the first collection
  • Full score
    Reach the destination first and with ten badges
  • Endless winter
    Complete all stages in challenge mode
  • Careful!Snow blindness
    Drive through the snow terrain more than 1 minute
  • Almost reach
    Almost reach the destination when countdown ends
  • Almost dead
    Rescued by teammates when dead in abyss