DYNASTY WARRIORS: Godseekers – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden

PS4 und PS Vita Trophäen Liste

In dem Spiel „DYNASTY WARRIORS: Godseekers“ sind insgesamt 44 Trophäen versteckt, welche ihr freispielen könnt.

Um eine Trophäe freizuschalten müsst ihr die jeweilige Aufgabe erfüllen. In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und deren Bedingungen.

Neben den Trophäen Aufgaben die ihr automatisch abschließt gibt es auch Aufgaben die ihr extra angehen müsst. So gibt es zum Beispiel eine Trophäe für das finden und sammeln aller Waffen oder auch Gegenstände.

Weitere News, Lösungen und Tipps zum Spiel findet ihr auf unserer DYNASTY WARRIORS: Godseekers Themenseite.











Platin Trophäe

  • Godseeker
    Obtain all of the trophies.


Goldene Trophäe

  • Ambition without Bounds
    Finish the story for a second time.
  • Walking the Path
    View the Path of Destiny event scenes for each officer.
  • Fully Loaded
    Complete the Skill Board for each officer.


Silberne Trophäen

  • Cunning Strategist
    Activate Synchro Mode three times in a single turn.
  • An Unstoppable Force
    Defeat 1,000 units with Zhao Yun.
  • One Versus a Thousand
    Defeat 20 units with a single officer.
  • Penny Pincher
    Save 1,000,000 Gold.
  • Weapon Collector
    Collect all of the weapons in the game.
  • Item Collector
    Collect all of the items in the game.
  • Grizzled Veteran
    Develop one unit to its maximum level.
  • Tested under Fire
    Complete all of the free battles in the game.
  • On a Rampage
    Defeat 15 units in a single Synchro Mode session.
  • Equal Opportunity
    Activate Synchro Mode with five different unit types.
  • Lightning Round
    Win a battle in a single turn.
  • The Final Blow
    Increase your Synchro Attack damage bonus to 100%.


Bronze Trophäen

  • Dawn at Changshan
    Complete Chapter 1.
  • Luoyang in Flames
    Complete Chapter 2.
  • Regret in Xu Province
    Complete Chapter 3.
  • Xiapi in Enemy Hands
    Complete Chapter 4.
  • Earth, Water, and Xiapi Castle
    Complete Chapter 5.
  • The Young Tiger in Jiangdong
    Complete Chapter 6.
  • Virtue Rises in Xinye
    Complete Chapter 7.
  • Assembly at Chibi
    Complete Chapter 8.
  • A Fog over Chengdu
    Complete Chapter 9.
  • Out with the Old
    Complete Chapter 10.
  • Like a Raging Lion
    Activate Synchro Mode.
  • Quick on Your Feet
    Activate Synchro Mode twice in a single turn.
  • Rapid Advancement
    Perform an EX Attack.
  • The Best Offense
    Complete a turn with five officers using the Defend command.
  • Date with Destiny
    Watch a Path of Destiny event scene.
  • Natural Phenomenon
    Utilize the power of the Orb.
  • No Surrender
    Retry a battle after being defeated.
  • Unparalleled Might
    Defeat an enemy with Lu Bu.
  • Head on a Swivel
    Attack in all four directions at once.
  • No Way Out
    Be surrounded by the enemy on all sides.
  • Last Man Standing
    Lose all but a single officer in one of your units.
  • Total Mastery
    Complete all of the training scenarios.
  • Peach Garden Oath
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.
  • Five Tiger Generals
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong.
  • Wei’s Five Generals
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Zhang He, and Xu Huang.
  • The Sun Family
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang.
  • The Three Kingdoms
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei.
  • Dangerous Beauty
    Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing five female officers.