Destiny 2 Update 2.2.2 – Patch Notes 1.35

destiny 2 patch 1.35

Bungie hat Update 2.2.2 für Destiny 2 veröffentlicht, um das Update nutzen zu können müsst ihr Client Patch 1.35 (PS4) herunterladen und Installieren. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch Notes zu diesem Update.

  • Der Spektralklingen-Jäger wird abgeschwächt
  • Fehler der „Die Einladung der Neun“ werden behoben
  • Probleme mit den Schwelgerei-Erfolgen werden behoben
  • Die Fehler mit dem Chaosspannung-Super des Warlocks werden behoben
  • Der Arkus-Jäger wird überarbeitet, ein Fehler der den Arkus-Jäger sehr stark werden ließ, wurde behoben


Destiny 2 Update Version 2.2.2 – Patch Notes 1.35

Die Patch Notes 2.2.2 sind im Moment nur in Englischer Sprache vorhanden, sobald Bungie die Deutschen Update Notizen veröffentlicht wird der Beitrag aktualisiert.



  • Spectral Blades
      • Out-of-stealth damage reduction decreased from 60% to 52%
      • In-stealth damage reduction decreased from 62% to 54.4%
      • Super duration out of stealth with no attacking decreased from 17.5 to 14.5 seconds
      • Super duration in stealth with no attacking decreased from 26.6 to 23.5 seconds
      • Light melee cost increased by 50%
  • Arcstrider
      • Fixed an issue in which Combination Blow was unintentionally magnifying damage of the Arc Staff Super


  • Voidwalker
      • Fixed an issue where Warlocks were unable to Blink after going through a teleportation portal
  • Stormcaller
      • Fixed an issue where Chaos Reach would not deal damage to enemies affected by other status effects (such as Thorn’s Soul Devourer or Hunter Tethers)

Weapons and Armor

  • Fixed an issue where Actium War Rig would prevent Auto Rifles with the Grave Robber perk from being able to generate Masterwork orbs
  • Fixed an issue where Vestian Dynasty could not be Masterworked
  • The Wizened Rebuke can now drop with random rolls from Iron Banner engrams and Match Rewards once the associated Triumph has been completed
  • Removing Sentry armor with Umbral Strike stacks active will no longer give a permanent damage buff against Taken (note that while the buff string does not clean up, the damage modifier properly clears when removing the armor; the string cleanup will be fixed in a later patch)



  • Fixed an issue where Dreaming City lore was not being awarded when completing an Ascendant Challenge


  • Fixed an issue where the „Collect Vex Samples“ objective of the Xûr bounty „The Tower“ could not be completed in the Warden of Nothing strike
  • Fixed an issue with the Gambit Prime bounty „Sentries Hold the Line“ where all boss enemies were unintentionally contributing toward bounty progress
      • The bounty has been re-balanced to award significantly more bounty progress for Blocker and Primeval kills


  • Lowered the Verdant Light: Competitive Triumph to require only 20 Revelry Orbs
    • Players who earned 20 orbs during the Revelry event will have their Triumph completed retroactively
    • If players completed all other Triumphs, the “Party Harder” Triumph will also be completed and grant the emblem reward


  • Fixed an issue where Massacre and Locksmith medals were not appearing in Gambit Prime

Iron Banner

  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Ruby shader was not dropping
      • This shader now drops when dismantling Iron Banner gear


  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Eververse Ghost Shells were dropping with only Mercury perks
  • Fixed an issue where the “Good Doggo” emote was dropping from unintended sources