Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Update 1.14 Patch Notes

CTR Fueled Trophies

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Update Version 1.14 wurde veröffentlicht, wir haben alle Informationen zu diesem Update am 8. November.

CTR Nitro-Fueled Client Patch 1.14 ist 2.7 GB Groß auf der PS4. Unten findet ihr die Patch Notes für PS4, Switch und Xbox One. Folgende Versionsnummern hat dieses Update:

  • PS4 – 1.14
  • Xbox One – ???
  • Switch –???


CTR Nitro-Fueled Patch Notes 1.14

  • Grand Prix #5 (starting November 8th) – Neon Circus Grand Prix content which provides players the ability to unlock the following content through engagement:
    • 1 new character (Koala Kong)
    • 2 new legendary skins (Jester Penta Penguin and Circus Kong)
    • 2 new karts (Daredevil and Pressurizer)
    • A variety of other customization items for karts
    • Multiple new challenges to earn Nitro Points
  • 1 new track called „Koala Carnival“
  • A Pit Stop refresh that includes the following content:
    • 2 new characters (Pasadena O’Possum and Ebenezer Von Clutch)
    • 8 additional skins
    • 1 new kart (Nitro Bumper)
    • A variety of other customization items for karts
    • Select items from the Back N. Time Grand Prix return to the Pit Stop
  • The new Ring Rally game mode, available in the Local Arcade section
  • 1 new character unlockable through the Adventure mode (King Chicken)
  • Various Pit Stop improvements:
    • The Last Chance Bundle type offers players another chance to unlock any remaining Grand Prix Nitro Gauge content from a prior Grand Prix before select items are added to the Pit Stop rotation at a later time
    • The Bundles on the main Pit Stop screen now display the adjusted Wumpa Coin price based on items already unlocked by the player
    • The Pit Stop now prioritizes skins for characters and decals for karts unlocked by the player
  • New Checkpoint System is implemented to prevent most lap skip exploits. A new Chick & Stew cinematic will play when players access the Grand Prix menu. This same video can be accessed with a button press from the main menu
  • This title update addresses a variety of stability and quality of life fixes in both the online and offline game modes.