Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Beta Patch 1.05 veröffentlicht – Changelog

COD Black Ops 4 Beta Access

Passend zur nächsten Beta Phase wurde mittlerweile Patch 1.05 zur „Black Ops 4 Private Beta“ veröffentlicht. Das PS4 Update umfasst knapp 2 Gigabyte und steht bereit zum Download.

Morgen, am 10. August werden die Beta Server wieder aktiviert, PS4 und Xbox One Spieler können die Black Ops 4 Beta spielen.

Activision hatt das Update bereits angekündigt, Ansonsten findet ihr hier alle Neuigkeiten und Infos zu Black Ops 4 und der Beta.


COD Black Ops 4 Private Beta- Patch Notes 1.05


  • We’ve made a big pass at tuning the effectiveness of Scorestreaks that are underperforming. This includes: expanding the Hellstorm cluster lock-on radius, increasing the damage per shell of the Lighting Strike, upping the health of the Sentry turret, increasing the Strike Team’s weapon accuracy, improving the Strafe Run’s plane pathing and increasing the Attack Chopper’s targeting capabilities.


  • As promised, we’ve also made some modifications to locomotion, namely to reduce the amount of bunny hopping + sliding combo moves. We realize how important locomotion is to the feel of the game, so this is always a delicate balancing act and we’re taking it slow, starting with: reducing the global jump height by 5 units; slowing down very slightly the acceleration on sliding; and jumping multiple times in a row will now scale down jump height with each subsequent jump.


  • A pass at performance optimizations has been made across all maps in the Beta for improved framerate.
  • Made a pass at global spawn improvements in various maps and modes.
  • Updated Hardpoint locations and rotation on Seaside.

Specialist Weaponry/Equipment

  • We’ve made some tuning adjustments including reducing overall effectiveness of the K9 Unit while fixing some of its more *ahem* egregious pathing issues.


  • Because we know this is a hot topic, we’re going to address it separately with a dedicated thread. We did say that we wanted to leave this alone until more content is unlocked, and we’ve had more time to crunch the data from all of the content in the game. For now, we are making some early tweaks which we’ll discuss in a later post.