Assassin’s Creed: Pirates – Erfolge (Achievements) Leitfaden

Alle Erfolge im Überblick – WP

Hier findet ihr alle Englischen Erfolge zu AC Pirates – Mobile, die Erfolge wurden vom Windows Phone geholt. Jeder Erfolg gibt euch 10 Punkte.


  • On my way
    Complete A Legend is Born
  • Abandon Ship
    Unlock the Wanderer
  • Jump Ship
    Unlock the Riptide
  • Ship Off
    Unlock the Fearless
  • When my ship comes in
    Unlock the Abyss
  • Captain Blood
    Destroy 1000 enemy ships
  • Join me!
    Recruit your first crew member
  • Bounty Call
    Find your first treasure
  • Buccaneer
    Reach Level 10
  • Brother of the Coast
    Reach Level 20
  • The Navigator
    Reach 100% sync on Scorpion Reef
  • Terror of the Seas
    Destroy 200 enemy ships
  • The Explorer
    Reach 100% sync on Bahía de Guadiana
  • Master of the Seas
    Destroy your first enemy ship
  • The Adventurer
    Reach 100% sync on Los Mártires
  • Sea Wolf
    Complete 50 secondary missions
  • The Discoverer
    Reach 100% sync on La Habana
  • On my way
    Complete 10 secondary missions
  • The Seeker
    Reach 100% sync on Grand Bahama
  • Sailing in style
    Fully upgrade one ship