Tower of Guns – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden


In Tower of Guns könnt ihr 12 Erfolge freispielen, habt ihr alle freigeschaltet erhaltet ihr 1.000 Punkte.

Die Playstation Trophäen zum Spiel findet ihr hier. Unsere Komplettlösung und Tipps könnt ihr hier einsehen.


175 Punkte

  • You Have Played This More Than Joe Has
    Finish a 100th run

110 Punkte

  • Start With a Jump…
    Jump and Remain Airborn for 45 Seconds
  • Chose All the Better Guns
    Unlock all the Guns
  • But Did You REALLY Finish?
    Finish the game (non uberwin)
  • This Is Getting Interesting
    Finish a 50th run

55 Punkte

  • BlueGrass Is Still the Best
    Unlock all the Perks
  • I’ll Never Use That Pistol Again
    Unlock a weapon
  • One Down, More than One to Go!
    Beat a boss
  • At Least You’ll Get An Achievement For It…
    Die while a Boss is Exploding
  • SuperTilt!
    Tilt 10 times in a row
  • Achievement Farming 101
    Kill over 350 Enemies in a Single Level
  • Eating Your Cake Too
    Finish a 10th run