LEGO Jurassic World – PC Errungenschaften Erfolge


Auf dem PC System könnt ihr in „LEGO Jurassic World“ insgesamt 49 Erfolge freischalten.

Wenn ihr weitere Guides, Lösungen oder Fundorte benötigt schaut mal in unsere Komplettlösung.


  • What Lysine Contingency?
    Heal all Dinosaurs
  • What About The Others?
    Complete Communications Centre
  • Went And Made A New Dinosaur
    Create a custom dinosaur
  • Welcome To Jurassic Park
    Complete Prologue
  • We’re Out Of A Job…
    Collect all Minikits in any level
  • We’re Being Hunted
    Complete Restoring Power
  • We Want To Be Thrilled
    Place a custom Dinosaur in a Paddock
  • We Need More Teeth
    Complete Main Street Showdown
  • The Park Is Open
    Complete Welcome To Jurassic World
  • The Legacy of John Hammond
    Collect All Amber Bricks
  • The Human Piece Of Toast
    Give Timmy a shock
  • The Concept Of Attraction
    Enable Stud Magnet Red Brick
  • The Calm Before The Storm
    Complete Welcome To Jurassic Park
  • That’s How It All Starts…
    Complete Isla Sorna
  • Survival Expert
    Collect “True Survivor“ on all levels
  • Spared No Expense
    Collect 65,000,000 studs
  • Something Has Survived
    Obtain “True Survivor“ in any level
  • Send The Helicopters
    Rescue all Workers in Peril
  • Remember To Wash Your Hands
    Complete a Dropping Rummage
  • Reason To Fear Man
    Defeat 50 Compy Goons
  • Pack Hunter
    Set both Free Play characters as Raptors
  • One Big Pile Of Bricks
    Collect All Red Bricks
  • Observe And Document
    Complete All Photographs
  • Objects In The Mirror
    Complete Park Shutdown
  • Not On InGen’s List
    Complete Landing Site
  • Not Machine Compatible
    Try to use a hacker terminal as Alan Grant
  • Nobody Move A Muscle
    Complete The Spinosaurus
  • Next Time It’ll Be Flawless!
    Achieve 100% Completion
  • Must Go Faster
    Complete All Races
  • Mommy’s Very Angry
    Complete InGen Arrival
  • Just Follow The Screams
    Complete San Diego
  • Is This How You Make Dinosaurs?
    Complete Breeding Facility
  • Helping Hand
    Heal A Dinosaur
  • Hello John!
    Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him)
  • Going Home
    Complete The Bird Cage
  • Full Jurassic World Experience
    Complete Gyrosphere Valley
  • Family Reunion
    Complete Eric Kirby
  • Don’t Go Into The Long Grass
    Complete The Hunted
  • Do-You-Think-He-Saurus?
    Sneak past a Dinosaur using Camouflage
  • Decided Not To Endorse Your Park
    Complete The Visitor Centre
  • Clever Goal
    As a Velociraptor, score a goal in the Jurassic World Petting Zoo
  • Building Blocks Of Life
    Build a LEGO object using Mr. DNA
  • Bingo! Dino DNA!
    Collect an Amber Brick
  • Are You Following The Dinosaur?
    Complete Out Of Bounds
  • Anybody want a Soda?
    As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character
  • All I Got Was This T-Shirt
    Create a custom character
  • A New Alpha
    Complete Under Attack
  • 65 Million Bricks In The Making
    Complete All Story Levels
  • … Don’t You Mean Extinct?
    Collect all Minikits in the game