Duck Dynasty: Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Es gibt insgesamt 33 Erfolge mit zusammen 1.000 Punkten.


  • Bragging Rights 50
    Caught a fish over 8 lbs. without reeling out
  • Can’t Touch This… Boat 50
    Won a race without bumping into another opponent
  • Group Hug 50
    Took down 3 ducks with a single shot in the Story Mode
  • Hoarder 50
    Unlocked all rewards in the Story Mode
  • No One Will Believe You 50
    Caught 4 fish over 9 lbs.
  • Overpowered 50
    Unlocked all power-ups in the Galleries mode
  • Showboat! 50
    Won every race in the Tournament
  • True Duckman 50
    Shot each duck species
  • True Robertson 50
    Completed all blinds in the Galleries at least once without using any power-up
  • Wrong Way! 50
    Won a race while crossing the finish line driving backwards
  • Bouncing Back 30
    Got from the last to the first position during a race
  • Duck Whisperer 30
    Successfully called each duck species
  • Fly Bye! 30
    Overpassed an opponent during a jump with the air boat
  • Like Grandfather, Like Grandson 30
    Hunted ducks, fished, hunted varmints, caught frogs
  • No One Left Behind 30
    Shot all targets in the Galleries levels
  • No One Left To Tell The Tale 30
    Shot down all the ducks from a flock
  • On Tune 30
    Didn’t miss any note of a Hail call
  • Set On Silent Mode 30
    Shot 5 ducks without calling them
  • Siren Call 30
    Called 30 ducks to blinds
  • Stars and Strikes 30
    Earned three stars in a Galleries blind
  • T Minus 15 30
    Found one of Si’s treasures in less than 15 seconds
  • Take Your Time 30
    Completed one duck hunt without missing any shots
  • They All Stink 30
    Fished all the species of fish
  • Way Better Than Si 30
    Won the Tournament
  • Better Than Si 10
    Finished a race without ever falling into last place
  • Even Si Can Win A Race 10
    Won a race in Tournament mode
  • Lieutenant Hook 10
    Didn’t miss the hooking on 3 consecutive fish in the same hotpot
  • Master Caster 10
    Performed 5 casts in a row without missing
  • Oh, No Snap! 10
    Completed a fishing quest without breaking the line
  • Record Setter 10
    Improved your high score in one blind in the Galleries
  • Surprise Me! 10
    Shot a Surprise duck in the Galleries
  • Empowered 5
    Unlocked the first power-up in the Galleries
  • Six Pack 5
    Shot 6 consecutive bottles without missing