CastleStorm: Definitive Edition – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Alle Erfolge zu der Definitive Edition von CastleStorm

Ihr könnt 46 Erfolge mit insgesamt 1000 Punkten holen


  • Peace… Forever? 40
     Finished the Campaign mode.
  • A Fistful of Hammers 35
     Unlocked ‚Norsheim‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Friends in Large Places 35
     Unlocked ‚Bladgard‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • The Family Business 35
     Unlocked ‚Troll Village‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Clear Eyes Full Hearts 30
     Unlocked ‚Mountain Entrance‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • For My Father 30
     Defeated the final boss of the Viking Elites campaign.
  • Northern Exposure 30
     Unlocked ‚Viking Border‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Rock Blocked 30
     Unlocked ‚Mountain Passage‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Royal Revenge 30
     Defeated the final boss of the Royal Guard campaign.
  • Survival Honor 30
     Posted result on every Single-Player Survival leaderboard.
  • This Mine Is My Mine 30
     Unlocked ‚Creek Crossing‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • All-Star 25
     Reached 100% completion in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars.
  • Fate of Traitors 25
     You defeated the traitor’s army at Stonecrest.
  • Fear No One 25
     Won an Xbox Live ranked match against a player with higher multiplayer level.
  • No Kingdom for the Old Man 25
     Secured King Edgar’s safety.
  • Unwelcome Arrival 25
     Captured the Royal Airport.
  • About to Get Real 20
     Unlocked ‚Dark Forest‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Dragon Slayer 20
     Killed a dragon with a hero.
  • Flight to Vikingland 20
     Secured the Royal Airport and got a flight to Vikingland.
  • Jewel Heist 20
     Unlocked ‚Donkey Island‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • LZ Secured 20
     Captured the Skyship Harbor of Vikingland.
  • Megastar 20
     Earned all the stars of the Viking Elites campaign.
  • Monster Killer 20
     Killed the monster protecting Bladgard.
  • Princess Rescued 20
     Rescued the Princess from the city of Stonecrest.
  • Princesslessness 20
     Held back all the attackers in the Shiny Forest.
  • Saddle Up Your Donkeys 20
     Unlocked ‚Ore Mine‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Taste of Victory 20
     Won an Xbox Live ranked match.
  • Ten Heads 20
     Made 10 headshot kills in a row.
  • Upgrayedded 20
     Upgraded a troop, projectile, spell or bonus room to its maximum level.
  • Vikings Gonna Vike 20
     Unlocked ‚Kingskeep‘ in the Campaign mode.
  • Against the Machine 15
     You won a Skirmish battle on the most difficult AI setting.
  • Angry Demolition 15
     You destroyed 3 enemy rooms with one shot.
  • Budding Architect 15
     Battle won using a custom castle built in the Castle Editor.
  • Chip Off the Old Block 15
     Won the King’s Tournament with the mystery knight.
  • Crowd Control 15
     x5 or higher multikill reached.
  • Dropping Like Flies 15
     x10 or higher killing streak reached.
  • Eagle Eye 15
     Flag carrier killed with a Homing Eagle.
  • Fight in the Shade 15
     Shot 30
    or more javelins within a shooting frenzy.
  • Hard Hat Area 15
     Enemy troop killed by collapsing his own castle on him.
  • Here I Am 15
     Finished an Xbox Live ranked match.
  • Prison Breaker 15
     Escaped from the prison of Vikingland.
  • Return to Sender 15
     Enemy troop killed by a deflected projectile of his own side.
  • Superstar 15
     Earned all the stars of the Royal Guard campaign.
  • This is My Town! 15
     Liberated Norsheim.
  • Throwing Like a Girl 15
     Proved yourself a worthy leader in the Battle Arena.
  • Troll Hunter 15
     Killed a troll with a hero.