Wulverblade – Trophäen Trophies Leitfaden

In dem Playstation 4 Spiel „Wulverblade“ sind insgesamt 57 Trophäen (Trophies) versteckt welche ihr freispielen könnt. Eine Trophäe wird freigeschaltet sobald ihr die jeweilige Bedingung erfüllt habt. Alle Guides, Tipps und Aufgaben findet ihr unten.

In unserem Leitfaden findet ihr alle Trophäen und deren Bedingungen. Weitere Neuigkeiten und Lösungen zu „Wulverblade“ findet auf unserer Themenseite zum Spiel.


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Verpassbare Trophäen


Platin Trophäe

  • Northern Legend
    Save your land and people by unlocking every other trophy


Goldene Trophäen

  • Campaign Master
    Complete arcade mode of the campaign


Silberne Trophäen

  • Legion Killer
    Kill 5000 enemies
  • King of the Arena
    Reach wave 30 in an arena
  • Streak of Doom
    Build up a 300 hit streak
  • Highest of Ranks
    Earn rank 3 on all campaign levels on Normal difficulty
  • Grand Historian
    Find 25 history unlocks
  • The Eldest
    Beat the game in any mode as Caradoc on Normal difficulty
  • Little Brother
    Beat the game in any mode as Brennus on Normal difficulty
  • Little Sister
    Beat the game in any mode as Guinevere on Normal difficulty
  • You Can Count on me
    Counter 500 times


Bronze Trophäen

  • Hammer Time
    Defeat the Dobunni Champion without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • Double the Fun
    Defeat the Catuvellauni and Corieltauvi Champions without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • Big Boy
    Defeat Arthal without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • From a Distance
    Defeat Bronwen without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • The Bigger They Are
    Defeat the Roman Champion without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • Acrobatics
    Defeat the praefectus without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • Primus Caedes
    Defeat the Primus Pilus without losing a life on Normal difficulty
  • Timely
    Complete all levels under par time on Normal difficulty
  • Warrior of the North
    Kill 100 enemies
  • Guardian of the North
    Kill 250 enemies
  • Scourge of the North
    Kill 500 enemies
  • Terror of the North
    Kill 1000 enemies
  • Gladiator
    Reach wave 10 in an arena
  • Lord of the Arena
    Reach wave 20 in an arena
  • Heating Up
    Build up a 25 hit streak
  • Hot Streak
    Build up a 100 hit streak
  • This is a Knife
    Hit 100 enemies with throwing knives
  • Stop Hitting Yourself
    Hit 100 enemies with dismembered pieces
  • Smash Big Smash
    Hit 5 enemies with one ground slam or heavy weapon jump slam
  • Boiling Over
    Kill 10 enemies during a single rage
  • Feel the Burn
    Kill 3 enemies with fire within 10 seconds
  • Mad Bomber
    Hit 5 enemies at once with a single exploding barrel
  • History Buff
    Find 10 history unlocks
  • Treasure Hunter
    Destroyed 100 amount of destructables
  • Hyrule Hero
    Destroyed 1000 amount of destructables
  • The Adder of Death
    Find the Golden Axe
  • Bomberman
    Tried to enter the watchtower at Woden Law with a bang
  • Mercy
    Spared the sleeping Roman in Fort Bremenium
  • Explorer
    Find one secret area
  • Fine Toothed Comb
    Find eight secret areas in one session
  • The Impaler
    Impale 25 enemies on spikes
  • Sharp Pointy Things
    Impale 100 enemies on spikes
  • Call me Vlad
    Impale 250 enemies on spikes
  • Gluttony
    Have a hot roasted turkey or ham when your health is already full
  • Executioner
    Finish off 50 enemies with executions
  • Finish Him!
    Finish off 250 enemies with executions
  • The Woodlands
    Complete Stage 1 in Arcade mode
  • The River
    Complete Stage 2 in Arcade mode
  • The Village
    Complete Stage 3 in Arcade mode
  • The Tower
    Complete Stage 4 in Arcade mode
  • The Traitor
    Complete Stage 5 in Arcade mode
  • The Gates
    Complete Stage 6 in Arcade mode
  • The Fort
    Complete Stage 7 in Arcade mode
  • The Wulver
    Transformed into the Wulver for the first time on Normal difficulty
  • Been There Blocked That
    Counter 50 times
  • Carry on Countering
    Counter 100 times