World of Warcraft Hotfix Patch Notes vom 23. Juli

World of Warcraft Hotfix Updates

Blizzard hat in den letzten Tagen mehrere Hotfix Updates zu World of Warcraft veröffentlicht. In diesem Beitrag wollen wir euch das Changelog zum letzten WoW Hotfix vom 23. Juli zeigen.

Die Patch Notes zu Patch 8.2 Hotfix am 23. Juli gibt es bisher nur in Englischer Version, sobald Blizzard die passende Übersetzung liefert, wird dieser Artikel überarbeitet.


WoW Patch Notes vom 23. Juli – Hotfix


  • Added some additional underwater wildlife for the Blackwater Behemoth achievement Intro to Marine Biology.


  • All tank specializations now generate additional threat, via increases granted at each of the three Essence slot unlocks.
    • Developers’ notes: At each of the three Essence slot unlocks, damage-dealing specializations are gaining an increase in their damage output that is substantial enough to sometimes unintentionally disrupt tanking. This change should keep threat generation, relative to DPS, on par with where it was earlier in the expansion.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Za’qul, Harbinger of Ny’alotha
      • Players who enter the Delirium Realm are now immune to the effects of Crushing Grasp for a few seconds.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Arcane Intellect and Power Word: Fortitude buffs to be removed from players entering the Delirium Realm.
    • Queen Azshara
      • Players who are targeted by Charged Spear should no longer be valid targets of Static Shock.
      • Players with Static Shock should no longer be valid targets of Charged Spear.
  • Battle of Dazar’alor
    • Stormwall Blockade
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Rogues who used Shadowstep on Laminaria to be ported behind the boss and into the Roiling Tides.
  • Operation: Mechagon
    • K.U.-J.0.
      • Increased the time between Air Drop and Venting Flames by 5 seconds.
      • Decreased the cooldown of Air Drop by 2 seconds.
      • Increased the size of the safe zones behind the Junk Cubes that prevent players from taking damage from Venting Flames.


  • The Cursed Lover’s Ring damaging debuff no longer interrupts its wearer from consuming food or drink items.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Remote Guidance Device’s on-use effect to trigger twice.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes Gloves of Incomparable Beauty’s proc effect to break its wearer out of stealth.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Arcane Heart
      • Fixed a bug that caused some damage and healing effects to go uncounted by this Azerite Trait.
      • Damage and healing counted to activate Omnipotence is no longer counted while Omnipotence is active.


  • Players who are on both „The Shores of Fate“ and „Payment in Kind“ can now complete „Payment in Kind“ properly.
  • Fixed an issue where some Rogues could not interact with the injured soldiers required to complete „Fear No Evil“.

World Quests

  • The largest of Queen Azshara’s prized jellyfish have been placated after stunning a great many players who missed their jumps occasionally, and will now allow players to jump on them more consistently during „Jumping Jellies“.