Warframe: Update 24.8.3 – Hotfix Patch Notes vom 14. Mai

Warframe Patch 1.71

Warframe Plains of Eidolon Remaster PC Update Version 24.8.3 wurde veröffentlicht, der Hotfix steht bereit zum Download. Unten findet ihr die Patch Notes zum Hotfix vom 14. Mai.


Warframe Hotfix Patch Notes vom 14.5


  • Reduced The Wolf of Saturn Six’s tankiness. 
  • Self Damage reduced by Cautious Shot increased from 90% to 99%.
  • Adjusted the Arbitration Shield Drone hitbox to encapsulate the whole visible body.


  • Fixed the Kuva Siphon Cloud hitbox being much taller than the Cloud suggests. 
  • Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash not being affected by Corpus Nullifier fields. 
  • Fixed the Tatsu unique mechanic no longer functioning correctly once a player dies and revives.
  • Fixed anti-stationary-target grenades thrown by Corpus Crewmen having their explosion timer being set to 0.5s upon landing on the ground. Now they are on par with Grineer grenades again (3~4s lifetime).
  • Fixed an issue where Damage conversion Mods could sometimes convert to the wrong type of Damage.
  • Fixed a memory leak on Khora’s Stangledome that could result in low FPS over time as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1089381-khora-fps-drop-in-long-missions/ 
  • Fixed various cases of missing Transmission lip sync animations. 
  • Fixed a sound bug when Dual Wielding the Glaive and performing an aerial attack.
  • Fixed an issue with Heavy Weapons not getting their Ammo back after cooldown time as a Client.