Tomb Raider: PC Patch für Push to Talk Voicechat

Ein PC Update für Tomb Raider bringt nun eine Push-to-Talk-Funktion für den Voice-Chat im Multiplayer-Modus.


Tomb Raider bekommt ein neues Update, das Crystal Dynamics via Steam veröffentlicht hat und ausschließlich für Besitzer der PC-Version verfügbar ist. Der neue Patch für das Action-Adventure Tomb Raider bringt eine neue Push-to-Talk-Funktion für den Voice-Chat im Multiplayer und entfernt noch einige Fehler.


Patch-Notes v1.0.722.3

  • Addressed an issue in „Shipwreck Beach“ where the mast on the wooden ship was occasionally missing depending on the player’s path.
  • Fixed a gating issue in „Research Bunker“ where the elevator would get stuck in an unintended state.
  • An issue related to security certificates that stopped many users from connection to Square Enix servers was resolved.
  • Improved messages when you are unable to connect with Square Enix servers.
  • New Push-To-Talk feature, by default mapped to F1.
  • New voice-chat volume option.
  • Improved overall quality of voice-chat.
  • Fixes for crashes on startup in specific situations when no audio output is available.
  • Fixes for various reported crashes during both single-player and multi-player.
  • Movies are showing up again when using SSAA.
  • Cost of TressFX reduced, especially in combination with SSAA.
  • TressFX memory usage reduced for AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround setups.
  • TressFX simulation and graphical quality improvements.
  • New Ultra-quality shadow mode for contact hardening shadows. This is not enabled by default in any quality profile, but can be enabled from the advanced settings.
  • Improvements to fullscreen/windowed switching and multiple display handling.
  • Various UI improvements.