Titan Souls – Steam Errungenschaften


In der PC Version von Titan Souls gibt es 27 Steam Erfolge die ihr freispielen könnt.

Ihr sucht nach Lösungen oder Tipps zum Spiel? Schaut in unsere Komplettlösung!


  • Bomberman
    Drop a bomb on the Lava Blob Titan’s head
  • Ca$h Mon£y
    Produce 50 coins in the Chest fight
  • Shadow of the Colossus
    Kill the Broken Statue Titan while pulling back the arrow
    Kill the Rolling Titan in under 5 seconds
  • The Switch
    Trigger the Guardian’s switches with the wrong hands and kill it
  • Demo Man
    Kill the Knight after destroying all pillars
  • Dental Plan
    Remove all teeth from the Mountain Titan then kill it
  • Iron Titan
    Beat the game in Iron Mode with New Game+
  • Iron Human
    Beat the game in Iron Mode
  • Drug Trial
    Succumb to the effect of spores for 30 seconds total
  • Aerodynamics
    Beat the game in under 20 minutes
  • Hard Bizkit
    Beat the game without rolling rolling rolling (in No Roll mode)
  • New Game+
    Beat Hard Mode
  • Iron God
    Slay all Titans in Iron Mode
  • Brain Freeze
    Kill the Brain with a flaming arrow
  • A Collision of Souls
    Knock yourself out in the battle for the Titan Soul
  • Titanic
    Destroy all icebergs
  • Slimeball
    Kill the Sludge titan with no more possible divisions
  • Beating the Yeti
    Finish in under 10 seconds…
  • Leak Spin
    Kill the Skull Titan as it spins
  • Titan Soul
    Beat the Game
  • Short Back and Sides
    Cut all the vines off the Plant Titan
  • …Into the Fire
    Open the second Sealed Gate
  • Laser Eye Surgery
    Kill the Eye Cube while pulling back the arrow
  • Out of the Frying Pan…
    Open the first Sealed Gate
  • First Blood
    Slay a Titan