The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Steam Errungenschaften Erfolge


In dem PC Spiel „The Vanishing of Ethan Carter“ könnt ihr 14 Erfolge freispielen. Eine Komplettlösung zum Spiel findet ihr hier.


  • Unfinished story
    Found the sniper rifle
  • The Tunnel
    Walked towards the light
  • What happens then?
    Another story, kid. What else?
  • Home
    Explored the family house
  • Acceptance
    Solved the death of Ed
  • Anger
    Solved the death of Missy/strong>
  • Bargaining
    Solved the death of Dale
  • The Curse of the Sea-Thing
    The Cursed World
  • Denial
    Solved the death of Chad
  • Behind the Veil
    Discovered the magic behind the potions
  • Depression
    Solved the death of Travis
  • The Wish
    Wish come true
  • Sap
    Survivor’s guilt
  • Fangs
    A beast outsmarted