The Crew – Erfolge Achievements Leitfaden

Alle Erfolge im Überblick – The Crew

Insgesamt könnt ihr 50 Erfolge freischalten, zusammen bringen euch diese 1000 Punkte.


100 GamerPunkte

50 GamerPunkte

  • The Boss
    Progress to Level 50.

25 GamerPunkte

  • Skills To Pay Bills
    Earn a Gold medal on 500 Skills.
  • Domestic Tourist
    Visit 242 Landmarks in the United States.
  • Data Tracker
    Tap into 30 Data Stations in the United States.
  • V8
    Conquer the West Coast, win the Face-off, and take the V8.
  • The Modfather
    Tune a car to level 1299.
  • Rough Terrain
    Drive 2000 miles (3,219km) offroad.
  • Versatile Showman
    Earn a Platinum Medal in each Skill type in all 5 Zones.
  • Man On A Mission
    Complete 100 Missions.

15 GamerPunkte

10 GamerPunkte

  • Enthusiast
    Tune a car to level 510.
  • Hold The Line
    Achieve a combined speed of 435 mph (700 km/h) in a Crew.
  • Scrap Salvager
    Build a Hidden Car from Wreck Parts.
  • Top Dog
    Finish first in a free-for-all PvP Event.
  • Stay Out of Trouble
    Escape the Police at least once in each region.
  • Made To Spec
    Own a car with all its 5 Specs unlocked.
  • Podium Placing
    As a team, finish 1st and 2nd in a PvP Faction vs Faction Event.
  • First Offense
    Escape a Police pursuit 100 times in FreeDrive.
  • Sorbet
    Drive a pink and yellow car for 5 miles (8 km).
  • The Crew
    Complete a Mission while in a Crew
  • We Don’t Need Roads
    Burn Nitro at exactly 88mph (141 km/h).
  • Street Smart
    Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Street Spec Car.
  • Ghost Bustin
    Beat any Platinum Skill Ghost.
  • Dirty Birdy
    Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Dirt Spec Car.
  • V6
    Beat the cops in The Mountain States and earn your V6.
  • Perf-ection
    Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Perf Spec Car.
  • V4
    Reestablish 5-10 control in The South and earn your V4.
  • Raid the Scoreboard
    Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Raid Spec Car.
  • V2
    Tame the East Coast and earn your V2 ink.
  • Circuit Training
    Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Circuit Spec Car.

5 GamerPunkte