SunAge: Battle for Elysium – Erfolge Achievements Steam

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  • Commander at last!
    You so beat the tutorial map.
  • Preparing for a long winter
    Build two Storage Silos on Dome-City.
  • Commanding Idealist
    Free Liberator and Heavy Soldiers to the southwest on Dome-City.
  • I can haz artillery !
    Rescue the Phalanxes that have been captured by the Raak-Zun on Domebreach.
  • Climbing the tiers…
    Destroy Raak-Zun forces guarding the Zirkonium Resource.
  • Two nukes are better than no nukes
    Beat the Federals campaign.
  • A Worthy Gift
    Reconnect the southern Storage to the network with Hooks.
  • Don’t Tell Me What You Endured
    Rescue the survivors to the northwest on Exodus.
  • Like Them Fresh
    Rescue prisoners being held in the southeast on Exodus.
  • Righteous Punishment !
    Beat the Raak-Zun campaign.
  • Hunger For Data
    Reconnect the Research Sphere with Spikes on Virus.
  • Robots Looking At Things
    Observe the specimen from a safe location.
  • Red Like Federals Blood
    Build and connect a Mine on the northern Iberium Rods on Desecration.
  • RGB 255,255,0 is all we need
    Capture the northwestern Zirkonium Resource on Extermination.
  • Ouch, you totally did it – now what ?
    Beat the game. Now get your *** into the skirmish area.