Star Ocean 5 – Square Enix zeigt erste Charaktere

Auf der Tokyo Game Show 2015 hat Square Enix nun über die ersten fünf Charaktere zu Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness gesprochen. Der Titel erscheint in Japan für die PS4 am 25. Februar, ein genauen Termin für den Westen gibt es bisher nicht. Die Figuren sind wie folgt:

Fidel Camuze
Keyword: Passion

The protagonist, a 23 year-old man from the Leslia Kingdom who inherited his sword skills from his father, a prominent swordsman in the empire. He is well composed and sincere towards everything, but has a hidden passion within him.

Miki Sauvester
Keyword: Healing

A girl who grew up with Fidel as his childhood friend. Because of the difference in their ages, and the fact that they were brought up as siblings, Miki loves Fidel like an older brother. In her village of Stahr, she is a Spellmark Mage with a rare healing ability.

Keyword: Secrecy

A young girl who lost her memories that Fidel and friends encounter as the result of a mysterious phenomenon and incident. The group takes her in, and Lilia thinks of Miki as a mother because she takes care of her. Much about this character is currently a secret.

Viktor Orkvil
Keyword: Very Serious

A soldier who belongs to the Leslia Kingdom Special Forces. He is faithful to his duties and has earned the devoted trust of his subordinates. He has a serious personality, but even when it comes to war, his conflicted about the killing of others.

Fiore Burnelli
Keyword: Sexy

One of the world’s leading Spellmark Mages who belongs to the superior-in-magic Randock Kingdom’s Spellmark Research Institute. She wears a revealing outfit, but it’s probably because she wants to show off the advanced magic symbol carved into her leg.


Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Trailer


Quelle: Gematsu