Sniper Elite: Zombie Army 2 – Leitfaden für alle Erfolge (Achievements) (Steam)

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Insgesamt gibt es 36 Erfolge in Sniper Elite: Zombie Army 2 zu erspielen.


  • Answer the Devil’s call
    Pick up a phone.
  • Are they slow-moving, Chief?
    Kill 500 enemy grunts.
  • Code Red
    Successfully complete Chapter 5 with 4 players.
  • Come and get it! It’s a running buffet!
    Get at least 20 for 1 explosive kill in 4 player co-op.
  • Descent into hell
    Successfully complete Chapter 3 with 4 players.
  • Don’t get all stingy with your bullets
    Kill 5000 enemies.
  • Elite pickpocket
    Loot an Elite’s corpse.
  • Every bullet counts
    Get a 5-for-1 kill with any sniper rifle.
  • Fire engine
    Defeat 10 Fire Demons.
  • Fire extinguisher
    Defeat a Fire Demon.
  • Got you, didn’t I, you little sucker!
    Kill a suicide grunt by hitting his grenade.
  • Have you come in contact with…the infected?
    Own 2 Nazi Zombie Army games.
  • I have to get that gun!
    Pick up a shotgun.
  • I kick arse for the Lord!
    Pick up the Preacher
  • I’ll teach ya how to shoot!
    Kill any 100 enemy with the shotgun.
  • I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge
    Get at least 15 for 1 explosive kill in 4 player co-op.
  • I’m running this monkey farm now
    Kill 20 Snipers in co-op.
  • If there is such a thing as hell on earth, that’s it
    Successfully complete Chapter 1 with 4 players.
  • Into the fire
    Successfully complete Chapter 2 with 4 players.
  • Just in case we make it
    Collect all Gold Bars.
  • Keep your damn filthy bones out of my mouth!
    Kill 100 skeletons with explosives.
  • Look, he’s a twitcher
    Kill the trapped Elite.
  • Nine tenths of the law
    Become possessed.
  • Our war has just begun
    Kill 1000 enemies.
  • Psychic silencer
    Defeat 20 Summoners.
  • Right in the face
    Defeat 500 enemies with headshots.
  • Snuff them out
    Defeat 100 ignited zombies.
  • Somebody’s got to survive!
    Get at least 10 for 1 explosive kill in 4 player co-op.
  • There’s too many of them!
    Kill 2000 enemy grunts in co-op.
  • They just keep going…going.
    Kick 50 enemies down in co-op.
  • They must be destroyed on sight!
    Find and shoot all the bottles of blood.
  • This calls for divine intervention!
    Successfully complete All Chapters 4 players on Elite Difficulty.
  • This is going to be a bumpy ride
    Successfully complete Chapter 4 with 4 players.
  • You want me to salute that pile of walking pus? Salute my ass
    Defeat the Final Boss.
  • You’ve got…the bite!
    Kill 20 enemies as they revive.
  • Zombie Kill of the Week
    Kill 20 Elites in co-op.