Sniper Elite 3: Update 1.03 – Patch Infos

Patch Version 1.03 – Sniper Elite 3

Für die PC / Steam Version von Sniper Elite 3 kam der Patch 1.03 und kurz danach gleich eine Bug Fix Version – Patch 1.03a.
Beide wurden Automatisch via Steam Heruntergeladen, wir zeigen euch noch die Details dazu:
Version 1.03a

  • DLC Weapons fixed (again), so mid-level saves using a DLC weapon should no longer leave you with a stealth sniper rifle!
  • Loading a profile with “Ultra” settings would cause “High” quality shadows to be used instead (even though the menu stated „Ultra“); this now correctly gives „Ultra“ shadow quality.


Bug fixes:

V1.03 9th July 2014

  • Added the option to disable the aim assist zoom and reticle independently of difficulty setting (the multiplayer aim assist setting will override this, as will Authentic difficulty).
  • Removed limits on raw mouse input data – which should hopefully address the “negative mouse acceleration” issue.
  • Added „Autobalance“ as a team-based multiplayer option (will automatically move players from one team to another on death if the number of players become imbalanced).
  • Added quicksave (F5) and quickload (F9) on button press.
  • New profiles will attempt to detect keyboard layouts other than qwerty and set default controls accordingly (we’re currently only supporting a small subset of variant keyboards, primarily azerty and qwertz layouts; please get in touch with our support department if you see any issues).
  • Dedicated Server gains „kickindex“ and „kickbanindex“ commands (which were already documented but were lost between V2 and SE3).
  • Added a „windowed“ tickbox to the launcher options.
  • Fix co-op desync due to bulletcams (bullet cams are now sychronised where they’re supposed to play for both, and we prevent weapons firing multiple times for the non-bulletcam-viewing player in non synchronised cases).
  • Fix co-op desync when getting on turrets.
  • Bleedout countdown notifications should now display correctly for both players in co-op (when difficulty setting allows).
  • Added latency indicators to the scoreboard in multiplayer.
  • „Through The Looking Glass“ should trigger correctly.
  • DLC collectibles/achievements no longer counted against campaign progress.
  • A few leaves should no longer be able to stop gunfire, but AI rifles should be slightly less likely to shoot through solid objects and be slightly less accurate.
  • Bullets should emerge from the gun’s muzzle regardless of the shadow setting!
  • Incapacitation on uneven surfaces should be slightly more robust.
  • Various fixes to prevent ragdolls interpenetrating surfaces.
  • Driver killcams made more robust (driver no longer killed when hits are near the view-slot, and killcams are triggered more reliably when the shot does hit the view-slot).
  • Tweaked dialogue audio settings to improve spatialisation.
  • Airfield’s rescued prisoners no longer pose awkwardly.
  • Ghost Town now has more consistency in vaults over walls, building walls should no longer allow grenades through, and hiding below the ground surface should be slightly less likely.
  • Rat Run no longer has a building that partially disappears depending upon viewing angle/location.
  • Ruins and Beachhead should have fewer levitating rocks and plants!
  • DLC weapons now have names in Czech again.



  • Steam cloud is unfortunately still not working.
  • Co-op for DLC missions is also unfortunately delayed to the next patch.
  • Disabling aim assist doesn’t disable the tutorial messages about using the aim assist.