Sniper Elite 3: Patch 1.03 – Infos


Patch Version 1.03 – Sniper Elite 3

Für die PC / Steam Version von Sniper Elite 3 kam der Patch 1.03 und kurz danach gleich eine Bug Fix Version – Patch 1.03a.
Beide wurden Automatisch via Steam Heruntergeladen, wir zeigen euch noch die Details dazu:
Version 1.03a

  • DLC Weapons fixed (again), so mid-level saves using a DLC weapon should no longer leave you with a stealth sniper rifle!
  • Loading a profile with “Ultra” settings would cause “High” quality shadows to be used instead (even though the menu stated „Ultra“); this now correctly gives „Ultra“ shadow quality.

Bug fixes:

V1.03 9th July 2014

  • Added the option to disable the aim assist zoom and reticle independently of difficulty setting (the multiplayer aim assist setting will override this, as will Authentic difficulty).
  • Removed limits on raw mouse input data – which should hopefully address the “negative mouse acceleration” issue.
  • Added „Autobalance“ as a team-based multiplayer option (will automatically move players from one team to another on death if the number of players become imbalanced).
  • Added quicksave (F5) and quickload (F9) on button press.
  • New profiles will attempt to detect keyboard layouts other than qwerty and set default controls accordingly (we’re currently only supporting a small subset of variant keyboards, primarily azerty and qwertz layouts; please get in touch with our support department if you see any issues).
  • Dedicated Server gains „kickindex“ and „kickbanindex“ commands (which were already documented but were lost between V2 and SE3).
  • Added a „windowed“ tickbox to the launcher options.
  • Fix co-op desync due to bulletcams (bullet cams are now sychronised where they’re supposed to play for both, and we prevent weapons firing multiple times for the non-bulletcam-viewing player in non synchronised cases).
  • Fix co-op desync when getting on turrets.
  • Bleedout countdown notifications should now display correctly for both players in co-op (when difficulty setting allows).
  • Added latency indicators to the scoreboard in multiplayer.
  • „Through The Looking Glass“ should trigger correctly.
  • DLC collectibles/achievements no longer counted against campaign progress.
  • A few leaves should no longer be able to stop gunfire, but AI rifles should be slightly less likely to shoot through solid objects and be slightly less accurate.
  • Bullets should emerge from the gun’s muzzle regardless of the shadow setting!
  • Incapacitation on uneven surfaces should be slightly more robust.
  • Various fixes to prevent ragdolls interpenetrating surfaces.
  • Driver killcams made more robust (driver no longer killed when hits are near the view-slot, and killcams are triggered more reliably when the shot does hit the view-slot).
  • Tweaked dialogue audio settings to improve spatialisation.
  • Airfield’s rescued prisoners no longer pose awkwardly.
  • Ghost Town now has more consistency in vaults over walls, building walls should no longer allow grenades through, and hiding below the ground surface should be slightly less likely.
  • Rat Run no longer has a building that partially disappears depending upon viewing angle/location.
  • Ruins and Beachhead should have fewer levitating rocks and plants!
  • DLC weapons now have names in Czech again.


  • Steam cloud is unfortunately still not working.
  • Co-op for DLC missions is also unfortunately delayed to the next patch.
  • Disabling aim assist doesn’t disable the tutorial messages about using the aim assist.


Bug fixes:

V1.02 2nd July 2014

  • Clients could kill the host player in co-op if a killcam was triggered, causing a co-op desync where the host player would only be dead on only one machine. This is now prevented.
  • Melee kills on AI should always result in ragdolls, preventing the occasional „dead but still-standing and unsearchable“ progression blocker.
  • Changing the server filters and then entering a server should no longer leave you in an empty lobby that can’t be exited.
  • SVT-40 should no longer cause desyncs in co-op.
  • Attempt to fix the animation issues with DLC weapons (we’re continuing to look at this issue, so if you still see problems after the patch, please get in touch with our support team).
  • Prevent sprinting from a gamepad if sprinting is disabled on the server settings
  • In game voting buttons now correctly say „hold“ when using a gamepad
  • Relax the tests for placement of trip mines on stairs
  • AI no longer propagate knowledge during a bulletcam preventing the occasional alert when you kill someone
  • The effect of bushes on the player’s visibility to AI is no longer applied permanently
  • Change the mouse-cursor behaviour to better support windowed mode
  • Fix various issues with the „saving content“ notification getting stuck or not persisting onto various menu pages
  • Fix the aspect ratio of the Trench Gun icon in the radial menu.
  • Improve display of really long server names and reduce the flickering of the server list.
  • Improve scrolling behaviour of the server list (we have a further improvement pending for maintaining the selection while scrolling with a mouse and generally improving the mousewheel behaviour but it missed this patch)
  • Server settings should now be shown on the respawn and in-game pause menus.
  • Chat should now be present in co-op campaign.
  • Czech language should now have english dialogue present where previously missing
  • Fixed issue with achievement text in the Steam client if language set to Hungarian
  • Various localisation issues fixed.


  • Double-clicking on the first server in the server list seems to be broken (the „Join“ button still works).
  • Trying to enter a password-protected game but entering no password can break menu flow forcing the player to use Alt-F4 to quit.
  • DLC weapons in Czech seem to have lost their names.
  • Steam Cloud is still not functional (a backend configuration issue was preventing Steam from synching all saves with the cloud but once that was fixed we discovered that the game was not detecting the cloud data correctly; we hope to have a full fix in the next patch).

Forthcoming fixes (that were too late to be included in this patch):

  • Co-op in DLC missions.
  • Bleedout countdown notifications in co-op displaying for both players.
  • Adding quicksave and quickload shortcut keys (note, you can already save and load at any point via the menus).
  • Add a „windowed“ option to the launcher options (note, you can already toggle windowed mode using Alt+Enter).
  • Add an „autobalance“ option for servers.
  • Improvements to ragdoll behaviour to try to reduce interpenetration with environment.
  • Co-op killcam improvements to prevent desyncs and erratic escalation of AI